Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014 (Week 95)

June 9, 2014

Well, I'm going to Oaxaca, Tuxtepec to die.

I got a call last night, my services are no longer needed as zone leader, I've got to now make a new kid into the next ZL or AP. The mission really needs leaders, and there aren't any, so Presidente trusts me to help this kid be a leader. I feel pretty honored really. It's cool to think that. Two elders are coming today to the mission, and like President said in my interview, it's probable that I train. Well, here's to the next Entrenador [Coach] Elder Mortensen. I'm sad, but at the same time happy. Now I can focus on my area, and my hijo [junior], and I don't have to worry about the entire zone. I think it'll be a great way to end the mission. Everyone in the zone was sad when I told them. I guess that's how you know if you were a good leader or not, if your zone is gonna miss you after. I still don't know who he is, I'm going in special changes to Tuxtepec with him tomorrow in the morning. Pretty stoked, but I'm going in white wash, which means I have no idea what's going on, and my comp (likely an American) will not have a clue. At least I can speak Spanish, haha. but it should be a lot of fun. And the ex-AP that got called to train baptized like 8 weeks straight. I'm hoping the Lord's got the same thing in mind for me, haha.
But, we might have blown that trust. the APs now are pretty angry all the time, and just called because we wanted to go out to eat some hamburgers like half the zone, and another elder "ratted" on us, and now the APs are angry because we didn't ask permission, and now we have to explain ourselves to presidente. Man. Garrett and Riley, don't be like them please! They make life miserable. I love the mission, but arrogant leaders are just too much sometimes... Just be obediente, but chill. Don't freak out over little things haha.
Well.... we didn't baptize. Fernando didn't have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, so we weren't going to baptize him. Not like he wanted to. They are gonna work hard with him to get that testimony. He is just missing a little bit of confidence that God has already answered him...
We got super super wet this Friday and Saturday. To be honest, it was crazy. I guess a cyclone hit Veracruz and boy did it rain for hours and hours and hours. Our feet still aren't dry! haha.
Well, I'm gonna bounce. Cuidense [Take care] eh! 

Elder Mortensen.

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