Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 4, 2013 (Week 25)

February 4, 2013

Thanks for the raisin pie recipe. I'm so stoked. I love pie hahaha. well. Thanks for the advice on the people to visit. We have been spending some time with them, but then you always feel bad because you weren't 'finding' people during that time. I don't care. I need some sanity in this world. There's always a good catholic woman to yell and say you don't believe in Christ! Well... yeah, we do. I respect all religions! and then spits on us. huh. quien sabe. haha But yeah, as for the misión, it's fun.

My tonsils got infected, well still are, with something and ended up having 3 big ol holes there. Had to go see a little clinic. Been taking medicine. Part of that medicine is Vitamin C. My comp has a bottle, and realized he hasn't been taking it for a while and liked how they taste because he was hungry so he popped 3. 2500% daily value. He found out later that Vitamin C is a natural laxative! jajajajaja. It's been pretty tranquilo except for the power struggle going on in the Ward. The bishop wants followers and will punish them if they don't. They sign up to give us food under the names of her aunts and herself, on the only day that the super Familia Fernandez can. It's bugging us. Half the misión is doing baptisms for numbers and will hold our mail if we don't... they are bad elders.  Frustrating. Nobody cares. We will just keep baptizing. We like doing our own thing, and don't like the high school games. So many cliques in this Ward. The people are good, just a few problem areas. We like all the people and actually get along really well with inactives and recent converts. Who knows why haha.

Alejandro y Reyna
We baptized again this week! Reyna and Alejandro went in the water. We've become good friends and don't want us to get transferred. To be honest I like my comp and this area. Don't really feel like praying for a change in the slightest. We at least want to hit our goal of 6 people this transfer and a few consecutive weeks. This area used to be one of the best but too many lazy comps got in here and it went downhill. We're working on it. Maybe that's my strength... getting the problem areas fixed up! haha. I'd like one where it's just tranquilo for a change! But I might start training next transfer. I can't believe this transfer is already two thirds done...

Package-wise, I got the Liahona, but nothing else. I hope that package with the duffel gets here.

 I just bought a nicer hammock... haha im a sucker for a good hammock. I'll need to sell this other one to some schmuck. oh well. I'm doing good. Sending pictures. Take care and I'll let you know once a week whatever I possibly can. haha. Adiós!
El Elder Mortensen.
We jumped on our roof and brought chairs to get out of the city. We aren't built for lots of Streets...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 28, 2013 (Week 24)

January 28, 2013

jajaj que tal amigos! es su favorito elder otra vez! ya lo sè me han extrañado bastante! esta bien.

ok. I'm here. I'm here. well. as for the week, it's been better. I like it here. A little. I'd still love to go to los tuxtlas. I miss my outdoors. right now I'm literally in a place compared to South Salt Lake, with the ocean. It's annoying and the people here are hard. but its weird. We are having fun with the companionship. We come from the same hard working previous life and we like a lot of the same things. The phrase to describe our compañerismo: back when I was a young buck... I did this. No. Listen. Back when I was a young buck... it's pretty comico. We are like 2 old geezers living the glory days. It's just there is no excitement from day to day and things are basically the same. How did you get over that dad? We are working and walking and enjoying the mission, but we miss the high points, as well as the low points. we are just coasting right now, doing busy work. I love the work, and we baptized 2, but then it just feels like back to the same ol work. I feel like there needs to be a season for all things, and I feel like we are in the season of todo tranquilo and to be honest, I'm a little bored. Lessons are great, but we don't have too many times to sit down and don't get in too many doors so we just walk, knock, and set up follow up appointments when the previous follow up appointment fell through! haha but yeah. advice? Scripture cases were way too much. He wanted like 70 dollars for the 2, not including drawings on 'em. No news on carnival, but if they pull us out, they'd put us back in the day before the transfer ends. it'll be interesting. We take taxis to the transfers.


haha One of our investigators the night before her baptism, Esperanza, (she's amazing. We have to repent every time we go there because we aren't worthy to teach such a progressing and changing person. She makes our lives better.) But yeah. She gave us 4 mini pies each. Jamon, piña, limon, and chocolate. sooooooo goood. Oh my. I love dessert hahahaha. but yeah. I can probably make them over there. But yeah. They were great.

haha I'm glad your little photo of the cockroach scared some kids off. Ill take a photo of our trash can and sink. It's filled with ants. We like to use Axe aerosol and a lighter to roast them all. There have been 3 leeches in the bathroom and ants everywhere. Tell people to shut up and eat there food. When they have to eat chicken that's got maggots or pig feet then they can complain... sheesh! what's this world coming to? haha

I'll have to show you the Libro de Conner when I get home. I had a miracle happen at the gas station that just needs to be told in person to the right crowd.. haha but yeah. It's coming along good. A very prized memory.

Finished the Book of Mormon again. Going through the entire standard works next. Wish me luck with the Old testament. Weird stuff. "and Sampson ripped the young lion apart like he would a kid" hahahah dumb stories.

Really fast. We had two baptisms!!! The ward mission leader, really skinny one, he's been mission leader for 24 years or something. Old and lazy. But he baptized Mercedes, who finally had a break from work this Sunday so we baptized her, and her son and his girlfriend are getting in the water this Saturday! So stoked. Hope it all works out good. Esperanza talked with her son to get forgiveness from being a harsh single mother, but he won't forgive her. She really understands the atonement. She wouldn't get baptized until she got it taken care of. But she did, dropped coffee in 2 seconds, and got baptized by the bishop who is her cousin. Really good service. Glad the two people who can help us out baptized. Maybe it'll get the ward moving! But yeah. I think that's all I've got for today, and I'm out of time. I'll send some photos! cuídense mi familia!

- El Elder Mortensen.

January 21, 2013 (Week 23)

January 21, 2013

Familia Guatzozon. I miss them.
As for the months... it's nuts. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. I'm already close to 1/4 done with my mission.... wow, it's starting to hit my comp who has 13 months in the mish hard. I'm in the middle of downtown central. So if you see a bunch of boats, or traintracks, or a huge patio with palm trees next to the ocean, go east and that's my area... haha it's pretty sweet to be in centro, but there's this tradition called carnival. It's 14 days and everyone drinks and dresses up all sleazy.. not sure if they will pull us out. I hope not. We are ordering scripture cases in leather from a shop down there... if not we can have a member pick them up. But yeah. Interesting time to be in the Centro. Its a one of a kind area... but anyways. Yeah.

As for packages, I sent mom an email of what I'd love. A huge freaking duffel. I hate air packing my clothes. I can put all the souveneirs and junk I find in the office in the smaller suitcase too. But I have no room for this hammock unless I get that duffel. haha. So send it fast in case I get transfered in 4 weeks. Or 2 if carnival happens and we get pulled out, which is a possiblity.

The hammock is heavenly. It's like sleeping in a big hug all night. Mine is smaller than my comps but mine is like a cocoon. But a north wind came in, and your weather froze us all out. People here are freezing. And I dont have a sweater or blanket. Just a sheet haha but I think the norths are done until May when it's norths from down south that bring up the month of hell. Literally. Tierra Blanca se llama la novia del sol. Missionaries think often about going home in may. Gulp. I want to feel it. Tired of heaaring about it! But yeah.

I got a letter from PJ and Dan. PJ said he wrote me two months ago, but I never got it. I think they might be blocking my account... so tell everyone to buy the right stamp at the post office. It gets here faster. I just got your postcard mom. From December 6. I got it Saturday.. haha the mail here sucks... but yeah. It's more reliable and it's not gonna get blocked. If they don't lose the letter that is. But yeah. I'm waiting to get more USBs and memory chips, then I'll send home a flat rate package home with everything in it and start fresh. Because I literally don't know which card or USB has which. I'm so lost. So I'll leave you to sort them out! We get the Liahona down here so you don't have to send them anymore. Thanks for thinking of me though.

Tell Jack and Tamara thanks! I got their postcard. Tell them to enjoy a nice pie for me.

I want dessert.... I don't get dessert anymore...

We had Elder José L. Alonzo come this Friday and talk. The 2nd guy in the first quorom of the 70. He spoke with such power. The pity party that we had for ourselves last Sunday, Monday, and basically the hole we dug for ourselves and trying to get out of because we didn't baptize, or get letters or anything, well, he threw us right out. Spoke for 2 hours of straight power and motivation. Man it was great. I loved it. We were about to turn to red bull to 'fly' out of our hole, but Alonzo did a better job. But don't worry, mom. You'll like some photos on this next card.. :) there isn't Mountain Dew down here!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!
There was a drunk guy, named Paquiao. after the boxer. One of the teens we were talking to called him over and said PAQUIAO! left left right right uppercut! and this drunk guy was stumbling down the street punching the air and putting his arms up like he was Rocky. He came back and acted like he wanted to fight me hahahaha i didn't know what to do. I can't beat anyone up, let alone a drunk jajaja. it was great. PAQUIAO!!!! jajaja

I'm not in Elder Boyd's area, but I finally got to see him and Elder Smith again at the conference. Man. Elder Smith. that's gonna be a fun year at BYU. Especially since we will be living with 4 Spanish speakers that speak the same dialect. We can say whatever the heck we want.

But as for the weight.. since I finished my 5 kilos of pancake, I haven't put on any weight. Ive actually lost a bit. A ton of muscle. my Pecs are squishy and according to my comp he's working on the spare tire around his waist hahahahahah. but yeah.

Once again, your favorite, and only, missionary is signing off. Don't cry, its only another 8 days until you hear me again. (they count the day you're in as well as the day next week. Hence, 8 instead of 7 Real backwards, and I cant stand it, pero así es) stay thirsty my friends. Thirsty for the knowledge and fountain of gospel truths that is. jajaja hasta el proximó... Élder Mortensen.
P.S. The cockroach in my FREAKING FROSTED FLAKES. I was soooo stoked for that second bowl.

That's NOT a cornflake!

January 14, 2013 (Week 22)

January 14, 2013

Well... im in the city. I feel like Elf. we got out of the friendly parts, and into the downtown city. we have the ocean but we can't see it, and the area is full of old retired catholics and protestants who don't want to change. The ward is in the same situation, 45 people at high tide, but we have 2 families, one is awesome but the other is half inactive and the bishop is the head of the family. He texts on the stand. I gave a discourse on missionary work, after his daughter asked me to speak at 9:15 the night before. The bishop didn't even ask. I said yes, thinkiing it would be a good opportunity to introduce myself and say we are here to work with the ward and baptize. They laughed when I pulled out DC 18:15 and 16 because they've heard it a lot. They sure don't listen. They don't give us references, or support us. They are way scattered in the area so it's hard for us to get everywhere, but we do have a date with one of them and then they forget and are gone. It's frustrating. I wish the president would put me in a sweet area for once instead of an area full of pride. The wards down here go through the pride cycle, and we both think that they need lazy missionarys for 6 months until they realize how good they had it. idk. We are really frustrated down here. We get planced (yelled at) every night by a leader for not working... We work harder then 80% of the missionaries. Frustrated. I almost am jealous of Elder Boyd. He is in such a cool area and his ward has 3x as many people and way more families willing to help them.

My comp is Elder Westhoff. A cowboy from the boonies of Escalante, Utah. Moved around a lot, but is a cowboy through and through. We have a great time together and like talking about trucks and engines. We get along really good and have the same mentality. We are learning a lot from each other.  No, I was the only one that moved from my MTC district. The rest stayed and only E. Maughan got a new comp. I guess I'm lucky... but our area is even worse. It's considered one of the hardest and everyone shudders when they hear 5 de Mayo haha. We don't care. We work hard and are united and have some really spiritual lessons, and I think we are going to start baptizing. Nobody's baptized in this area in a few months... He went last cambio [transfer] without a baptism. Going to change that though. If we don't run ourselves into the ground first. We bought hammocks to sleep in so hopefully we get a better nights sleep haha. The apartment is big, no washing machine, but it's still big. Ants are everywhere.

It's getting hot here again, winter break is over, and there's still a strong north wind that closes everyone in their house and blows wind in our face. Kinda sucks, but it's a cool breeze. I wish I could see snow again! quit whinin! 
I'd love letters from friends even with the time delay. I'd love letters. but it just sucks to find out from you guys that my best friend -- and probably the reason I was held back from the July 5th Elders group to the MTC, so I could sit back and talk with him and other people -- and not him. That's all I wanted my friends to do was serve a mission since I started getting ready for mine. But I don't really get much outside of you guys. Life goes on, but I'm sure you remember, Dad, a letter from a friend or anyone for that reason is gold. I'm sorry. I'm in kind of a different mood...

Explanation. Last week we went to a lady's house named Mercedes. We went to her house every night 3x a night to try and find her. Found her Saturday night and talked, She wanted to get baptized, so we filled out the form, felt the spirit, and left with the promise that she would be there at 10 tomorrow, but had to go to a rare work thing after that until 8. We said ok, just go to church and we can baptize you that night. We were stoked because we might have had 3 people, a pair of brothers named Alan y Andy that wanted to get baptized. So we went home and fasted that things would go well and that most of the 8 people we had committed to church would be there, that Mercedes would get off work early, and other things. Passed by for 3 families, nobody was awake. Ran to church in suitcoats and waited.. and waited.. and waited. Nobody showed. We got so dissapointed. Especially because of the promise that an apostle made that if you contact over 140 people every week, you'll baptize. We contacted 150 and probably knocked 600. We got spit on by catholics, doors slammed, yelled at, and got into a heated discussion with a protestant lady because she looked me in the eyes and said the Book of Mormon is not from God. Instead of planching her until she cried, I testified of the book, but she cut me off by saying her son is a prophet and receives revelation and she can cast out devils. So yeah, contacted, did our best, fasted, hoped, and prayed a lot, and didn't get much. We didn't do much that Sunday. A drunk yelled at us and told us we didn't know anything about God, and then walked off to buy more beer. We got pretty lost in our thoughts and didn't really have the spirit of teaching with us that day. We tried, but it wasn't there. Came up with the theory that we need to give more glory to God instead of pride in ourselves. Hope we learned our lesson. Because we are tired of the leaders calling every night with plances and pep talks.

Me and Elder Westhoff do have fun though. a lot. We think alike and I'm glad to have a comp like him, even if we don't speak spanish all the time. He's been out for a year. I'm going to write the president a good email, so I'll send some fotos if the computer will let me and sign off. Don't worry.. I'm fine, just frustrated, and learning hard lessons. Pray for me, but dont worry. I can take care of myself in this crazy mission haha :) Nos vemos! Elder Mortensen