Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 17, 2013 (Week 44)

June 17, 2013

Well. I forgot mi agenda en la casa [my schedule at home], so I'll write this from what I can remember.. So. Well.... where to start...
Oh yeah. I'm in Tierra Blanca now. Independencia. The hottest part of the mission. I still feel like Carlos A. Carrillo is hotter. (more humid, because of the swamp I was in) But I'm here. And will probably be here for a long time. It's pretty cool. I'm here a little outside of Centro, but it's not even the Centro I was stuck in. I still miss my pueblito that was Carrillo, but it's alright.
President called me Friday, More special changes. The Elders here were fighting, so I got ripped from my brother and did a swap with them. It's cool. I'm now Lider de Distrito [District Leader], and I get to go to Veracruz Wednesday for a lideres [leaders] meeting. I'll see him and everyone else basically again. Mendez, Westhoff, and Smith.
So I saw Westhoff today. He's doing good. I missed him. Too many good times. He was here for a Zone Activity. Volleyball. again. WOOOOOOOO!!!! I wonder when we will be able to do something "fun"... probably never. 
As for Abisag, Guillerminas daughter... I'll tell you that story when I get home. All you need to know right now is that things took a turn for the worst and she's in a mental hospital right now. She went nuts, as in, her nerves went crazy, or something else got inside... That's all that I'm gonna say. It's a very unpleasing memory when we gave her a blessing. As for what happened, who knows, but when she looked at me, it was not her. Just know that Satan is real, and don't watch any of those possession movies. Ever. President did give me permiso [permission] to go back to Carrillo and see her baptism. Hopefully she makes it... poor woman. She has a ton of problems on her hands...
I can't really remember anything else that happened. My mind doesn't work and I forget stuff real fast. Too many names and experiences. It all happens too fast. I forgot I even hit 10 months. Freak..... idk. It's pretty cool down here. I left a suitcase with Elder Mendez. His parents are coming down to Puebla and are gonna swing by for our suitcases. I got rid of a ton of random crap. So nice! Don't worry mom. You'll get the 70's luggage back. I still think its worthless hahahaha. The wheels (basically lego wheels) don't even drive straight! haha. Oh well. I think I'm gonna log off now. Forgot my camera. Dang.. hasta la proxima semana entonces [until next week].
If there is anything else I'll let ya know. Adios!
Elder Mortensen. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013 (Week 43)

June 10, 2013

Well this week has been pretty fun. I've enjoyed it quite a bit.
We finally baptized Guillermina. She snuck out with her daughter Abisag to the baptism. Abi was verrrrrry against us. "NO Mom. WE are Pentecostal." But she came Sunday, and left crying during the plan of salvation because she felt it was true. She ran out of the class and went and prayed. Came back and asked how to get to the Celestial Kingdom. We told her only through the Gospel. She said ok. We went to her house after and talked to her. Ended up being there 3 hours and taught her basically everything. Shes going in the water Saturday! She's following her nephew and her mom to Heaven. Pretty cool actually. Putting up with all the mission crap sometimes makes you wonder why you're putting up with it. But when you see someone actually convert, it's quite the experience. It makes sludging through the "mission" part worth it. But then you just forget about the dumb things that other people are doing and you just keep working with your companion and then you get little nuggets here and there that are just great. Es algo muy genial. [It's just great]
We got in a fight with some police this week. They are doing a dumb stop and search on the freeway (one lane) and are always there. Its the only through way in the crossing so we walk it 20 times a day. Some tool with a M16 thought it would be cool to stare down the gringo and his buddy, so we stared back. He almost ran into a pole, and must have gotten embarrased, so the next time, he stopped us and demanded Identification. "Uhhh.. on what terms?" "You freaking this you "#"#$% that". It's like "whooooaaaa. No need for the language." We started to preach, and he got pissed, but he had nothing to hold us on. I said, "I'm American. You won't have me in your system. I don't know why you want to know who I am. You're being an idiot." Elder Mendez said, "Is that all?" "No, that ain't "#$ "#$%&%$/ all! blah blah blah!"  "Is that all now?" "Yeah. Leave. Now." So everytime we pass bye he glares, but I think he got in trouble, so he doesn't do anything. Idiot with a gun.
The mission also banned Coca Cola. They hate it more than Satan I think... the ZL and Assistants call us to see if we are drinking coke. Umm... why don't you call to see if I'm really breaking the Word of Wisdom? Or why don't you save your breath and call the kids doing dumb things? haha. It's interesting the rules they come up with. But, like I said, you just gotta keep pushing on, and the PEOPLE make it worth it. That's what I've learned. It's not the MISSION that changes you, it's the PEOPLE that you learn to live change and Love. Even if they do give me weird looks cause I'm 6´2 white guy. It's like what the..... OJOS AZULES!!!! [Blue Eyes]
I love it here. Don't any of you ever doubt it. Maybe I'm gaining 25 pounds, and not losing them like Jake, but I love it. I love Mexico, the food, the culture, and the people. 
And all you white people scare me.
Elder Monster 
(see attached photo)

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013 (Week 42)

June 3, 2013

So this week was pretty insane. This weekend we had two pending people, Guermina y Carlitos escape from the clutches of her Pentecost husband. Her grandson got baptized in about 2 minutes during the young women's class we had to interrupt. But Guiermina didn't bring a change of clothes, so for tomorrow we hope! Johnny ran off. Which was a shame. He really didn't have a testimony I think. He won't even talk to us now. But we had Bety too, a 10 year old girl who loves the church, but her mom beats her. She's in the foto... but yeah. Good baptismal service, and we confirmed them both in a small room with the first counselor. Very random day. We also had a few unexpected people come to church so we were busy running around talking to them and doing lessons and other stuff. Really stressful, but hey it was worth it. Man. I realized how yellow my 'white' shirts are... freak. I don't think its dinner plates anymore. It's more of a full body deal.... hahaha.
Wow. I'm scatter brained. I guess that's what happens though. 
We had interviews an hour away for the other elders in our district. It was pouring rain. We had to full on sprint for 200 meters to catch the bus.  Everyone's like, "freak! White guy outside is bangin' on the side of the bus! He's crazy! Don't let him in!!" Finally got in, got to a taxi, and shoved 7 of us in there again and drove off. The picture I sent home is me on the little cable run ferry they have and the river is the Popomuloapan. It's pretty chill. I like doing enterviews allí.[over there].  We finished with that and took off to the area to change again haha. By the time we got home we were dry.
This Monday we played baseball as a zone. It was fun, but they have chiggers in the grass down here. I've got blood sucking pieces of chaffa sucking my blood all day long. Freaking annoying those things. Well.. 
Yeah, It's hot, and oh yeah, I'm getting surgery! Surprise mom! I called the Hermana Treviño. They are gonna cut out my tonsils... I hate the idea of doctors, but it's a cool story. Operation in Mexico, and idk. Mendez is like dude your tonsils are rotting. They are gonna get infected. I'm like... well hey that ain't good. A'ight. I'll call her. So... yeah. I'll keep ya updated on that! haha They haven't told me anything about dates or times so don't worry. Be happy. Every little thing is gonna be alright. Singing don't worry.... about a thing... every little thing ... is gonna be alright....
Elder Muertensen.
Muerte (death) hahahaha kids always say Mortensen... sounds like Muerteson hahah. nos vemos mi familia. Adios! [see you later family. Bye!] Voy pa aca... [??]