Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 18, 2012 (Week 1) (Mailed Letter)

August 18, 2012 (Letter)

Dear parents and family :)
Wow! I love this. It's incredible. How are all of you doing? We got a spare minute allotted for writing you guys. My companero es elder maughan. We  are dorming with elder vixcer and elder stahura who I went to lunch with Austin! Crazy small world right?  Well anyways I love you guys. Not much time. Church is true.Love
Elder Conner Mortensen

Ps send pictures!!  Of Dash, the family, and remember that picture you took of me and my friends in the front yard after my farewell? Send that one. And also, go to my Facebook wall, and find the picture of me and Colton. I'm holding the camera and we are in big cottonwood canyon. Print those and send them! Please!LOVE YOU ALL.dia dosOil vial/oil is somewhere downstairs
Small hymn book is on my desk
Box of Nivea pens. (Tuls)  Brad knows
Send that nerf basketball hoop!
Pictures por favor
Shoes. My grey nikes
Red Bull :). Please just a small 4 pack!
I'll love you :)That's all I can think of...
Oh yeah. I'm district leader!!LOVE YOU ALL!Elder MortensenWhile I'm here, second day was super busy. No time to think. Hope it calms down tomorrow. Saw peyton and jake. Amazed at the gift of tongues. Gospel is true.

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