Thursday, September 6, 2012

August 23, 2012 (Week 1)

August 23, 2012
Hola´ todos los personas en mi famila! que pasa? hows it going over there? Things are going splendid over here. espanol es bueno y mi compadre is bien. Anyways.  Hows life at home? Not as good as here i can guarantee it.

Thanks for the package everyone. It helped. love the pictures. I'll take a few more weeks worth of pictures and then send home the usb. entonces... (so.....) i love it here. We got to sing in the choir and were in the room for the devotional tuesday. Elder anderson talked to us. Super rad being in the same room as a general authority. It was also President Monsons bday so he talked about 10 things President Monson would say if he was there. Way good talk.

We've been teaching our first investigator, Kambel Garcia. He was a good investigator at first but then he started to lose interest in the 5th and final interview. Its all in Spanish. Hard but really good. I gave him the restoracion lesson and memorized the first vision. Spirit was way strong so i challenged him to baptism (still in spanish of course) He never looked away during the first vision part and he just stared at me for a minute while i recited it to him. eye contact was crazy. He said he would be baptized but he needed to talk to his wife first. Sometime in september. We teach our second investigator tomorrow. Should be pretty sweet. The four of us get along well in our room and things go well there. Elder stahura gets at least a package or two a day. Its ridiculous. Oh yeah. I need an alarm clock. Mine speeds up about an hour a night and wakes me up late. Good thing my companions are loud in the morning. Its crazy how busy we are. We wake up and eat and study and barely move for an hour of gym, eat, study, teach, eat. sleep. my back is getting worse by the day from these stupid chairs. OH! i need some gym shorts. One set for a week es badddddd. My running shoes are good for nothing since i don't run,... hahahah hey get me some addresses will ya?

 Love you guys. I love it here and i just want to leave to mexico but i know im learning more in spanish than ever in high school.


Elders Smith and Mortensen
I wish i wouldn't have slept... wait. nah i liked that. But me and this other elder smith talk in spanish all day to eachother and our progress is exponential compared to everyone elses. All they have to do is talk and they get better but they don't for some reason. Frustrating. Our classroom is smaller than most and we have more people. Nobody will help us switch to an empty classroom thats bigger and has a window and AC. oh well. get used to Mexico i guess. Our teachers are all so good and they tell me i understand a lot in spanish. Always nice to hear. In any  case, half hour is up. I'll write letters later.

Mi familia es mi amo! Elder Mortensen.

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