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April 8, 2013 (Week 34)

April 8, 2013

Man. It sure was tough to drop Westhoff. I felt like Tom Hanks in the undisputed CLASSIC (mom) Castaway, losing Wilson.

It's alright. I've got Spalding now. His name is Elder Lehikainen. La cain. basicamente.
Sick Companion
Well.. He got here, and we worked pretty hard for a day. He had never knocked a door before, let alone contacted or seen 2 story buildings. He was in a pueblito in Tuxtapec for 3 months. He's right out of training.  So im his padrastro [stepfather]. Well not really. He had
a step father too, and then me. But he's had 2 transfers in Mexico. His stomach was pretty weak right off the bat, he got sick from Mondongo his second week in Mexico. Poor kid barely recovered from that one. And then he gets here, and Wednesday he starts going to the bathroom a ton. We go see a little farmacia clinica and they just tell him he ate something bad and here's a few pills. Nothing changed, the Hermana Treviño sent us home at 6:30 Wednesday, and he went to the bathroom with some pretty heavy diarrhea about every 20 minutes... We woke up Thursday and went to the hospital. We were there till Saturday.... FREAK. So long being cooped up in a room. He was hooked up to all sorts of machines and had to drag his pole and IV to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Try being in a small room with that for 3 days... ooooh boy. I used my tie as a breathing aid. Well. he had (has) salmonella y gastritis. Super fun right? yeah. But the first night he had a fever. So they had the clima [air conditioning] blasting at 12 degrees Celsius that night. That's like 45 degrees... The dumb nurse wanted 200 pesos for a sheet or pillow. I said vete [no way] and tried to sleep. It was freezing. I had the clothes on my back (white shirt, dress pants...) and got about 30 minutes of sleep. I had to leave every hour or so to warm up. But I ran into this guy from Layton my first day as I was ordering food. Gary Child. White guy that looks like Uncle Cary. Gave me such a scare. I haven't seen a white adult in 8 months... he is LDS and works selling software to hospitals down here. Which by the way, he hires RMs to do sales pitches in South America. Great guy. Offered to buy me food after his meeting because he knew I couldn't leave. 3 hours later he tracked me down and gave me a sandwich, juice and m & ms. Super chill. Really nice of him. I'll get a letter off. He gave me a business card.

By the way, i still HATE doctors and hospitals....

View from the Hospital
Anyways, I ate crappy hospital food and slept and read until the president rescued us Saturday at 5. Got to priesthood just in time. Watched that, slept after, went to the other two, not that great in Spanish. We watch them at the Stake Center. That got a little annoying. But it was still good. I really liked Hollands and Uchtdorfs in Priesthood. It is time for the members to take an active role. It's a good message for Mexico, and the US. Well, the world.

I've been sitting on my roof of my house a ton lately. I just watch the ocean clouds pass by for an hour and go to bed. It's keeping me sane. I love those Giant sunflower seeds, Dad. Send a pounder :) haha But no. I love sitting on the roof. Westhoff and me did it a ton, and now my comp likes it too. Really helps calm down the night.

As for a positive story, I lost my arm this week. The only downside to hammocks is that if an extremity of your body hangs out, it cuts off circulation. I woke up at about 6 and realized my arm was gone. Westhoff, was already awake, couldn't sleep or something and was watching intently as to what my subconscious was doing. I slapped away at my arm and tried to bring it back into the fold, but failed for about 5 minutes, and then finally got it in. Westhoff was dying inside. Reminded me of the time I got my wisdom teeth out and feel asleep with my arm behind my head and started yelling "I can't find my arm! Where did my arm go?! "
Convert at Conner's Birthday Party

Well.. I'd better go. Love you all. hasta la proxima, Elder Mortensen. 

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