Sunday, May 19, 2013

April 15, 2013 (Week 35)

April 15, 2013

Well.. I really blew it this time! I''m already over the time limit... oops. It's alright, all we really did was knock and walk literally 18 miles a day looking for inactives, Not a whole lot. Well, you all got little letters in a package I'm sending... We had a lesson with a guy that got into a gang in Texas when he was five, sold drugs, did drugs until he was about sterile, tried to shape up his life, had a kid, got deported when his wife told lies to the judge, and now he his here, with a ton of regrets. Talk about the need for a second chance. Man. I really do love my job. I have the priviledge to tell people that Jesucristo is willing to accept them. Even after all the stuff this guy did. I hope he gets baptized. If anyone I've ever met in my life needs it, it's him.
Had some fun with the Familia Guzman talking about the dirtbag team that is Cruz Azul. I think it's fun I can talk sports in Spanish. We are going to put up a bet. If USA loses in September against Mexico, the Real Jersey is hers. If USA wins, I get a new Mexico Jersey. hahahaha We will probably end up trading. it would be a cool memory to have. I can always buy another Real Jersey, but I won't always have a jersey one of my favorite families gave me. Who knows. A lot of fun, and hard work this week. Gotta go! Love you all, c
Cuidense, Hasta La proxima! [take care, until next time]

El Elder Mortensen.

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