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January 6, 2013 (Week 73)

January 6, 2013

Well... What happened this week? We finally baptized Zuleima. That was interesting. She hardly talked to the missionaries before. Hardly talked to anyone, but kept assisting our baptisms and I always asked her... when are we gonna see yours? She just smiled and didn't say anything. About three weeks ago I got a message saying I think it's time I got baptized... I said... umm... cool? I think we might be able to help.. haha. nah. But really it was sweet. She failed the first interview but then changed a lot, passed the next one three weeks later, and got baptized. She brought a shower cap. She is an interesting one eh...

Other than that... we started teaching a old couple that is Pentecostes. Contacted them and we are really hoping for the best. There are people that don't want to stop believing in the bible. It's our job to help them feel the need to start believing in the Book of Mormon as well. He's got real intent and is gonna do the homework we gave him. That would be really cool to see them progress.
Oh yeah, I finished el LIbro de Mormon in Spanish on the 31st. That was a really cool experience. It's so marked up and filled with notes. It's incredible how much I learned this time. I look at my scriptures and now I see the revelation and how the mysteries of God have been revealed to me. That's pretty cool. I've been having some really deep personal studies. We fasted 2 times this week. We are gonna go back to once a week but we really needed some help during the week so we started a special one. This one was really different. When we fasted from Thursday to Friday we fasted to know the secret of Alma 17:2-3. We were so hungry, sick, and tired, and empty that night that we knew we were on to something.. that next morning I had a mindblowing study about it. And now I know. Fasting and prayer unlock the mysteries of God... 
Elder Westhoff told me that Alejandro y Reyna are engaged. I hope they are still active so they can do it in the temple. he's already off to Hawaii. I don't know what he is doin, haha. Ruben made it through alllll the holidays with lots of fiestas and crap and he is still goin strong. People have made fun of him, but he is holding strong. 
Presidente de Estaca [Stake President] said something I really liked:
The purpose of satan is to lead us from sin to sin until it becomes unforgivable.
He then gave the example of: a family doesn't go to church. So what? They stop taking the sacrament. The kids don't grow up with values and the holy ghost and then a teenager gets pregnant. The couple then decides to have an abortion. murder is basically an unforgivable sin.
Of course it's not always that drastic but I now see that even the littlest littlest sin can lead us astray reallllllly quick and to an extreme where it's really difficult to come back.
2 nefi 28:21 y 22.
Just something to think about when we are tempted. Look down the road and think, "Where might this lead?"
I hereby close this epistle.
Elder Mortensen
I had a good steak for the first time in 17 months. I'm so glad this bishop is rich haha.
I still can't believe Jared Slagowski got married... Brads having a baby... I'm gonna stay down here hahaha.
que tengan una buena semana. Saludos a todos. [Have a good week.  Greetings to all]

[Just some funny signs I've seen and taken pictures of.  The scripture "with their mouths they honor me, but their hearts are far from me" rings a bell and makes sense down here. hahahah]

My Country City of God

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