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January 20, 2013 (Week 75)

January 20, 2013

Getting stitches a few weeks ago
You're all gonna kill me again, but I'm reallly sorry. We haven't sat down for a while. I got a call Saturday morning saying I'm going to be ZL and that told me everything I needed to know about changes. I'm outta here. Sad, but happy. It's been hard for a bit. You get kind of tired of dragging the same burro all over. Sometimes you need different problems to attack, haha. It's about time for the converts to get their own testimonies too. They are ready to live on their own. Doesn't make it any easier to say bye, but it helps knowing they will be alright.

Sunday I got a call in the night from the ZL. I'm heading to Los Tuxtlas Sur. Welll.... Dios [God] really loves me. It's one of the more beautiful zones and the last place I wanted to go [the final, last-the-best-of-all-the-game area he wanted to serve in before coming home???]. I can be calm now. I'm going with Elder Anderson. He's kinda crazy but he's got one transfer before death [going home]. This should be interesting. Let's see what I can do in Los Tuxtlas.... gonna be fun. Said bye to the zone and the district last night and today, and have been saying bye to converts and members, but now it's time to write presidente, cut my hair, and finish saying bye. I hope my next letter will be longer too, have paciencia [patience] with me haha. I do like writing, there's just been A LOT to do lately. Lots of stuff to get done.

Conner and Elder Cerna
But I sure do love you all. I'm really glad Garrett and Riley are grasping the gospel. It's what's needed in this world so ugly. And Maria might be moving to the north. Her husband might get transferred... he will get baptized one day.

Love you all.

Elder Mortensen.

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  1. So Happy for Elder Mortensen, sounds like he is going to be an excellent Leader ! Post pics of Los Tuxtlas Sur ! Keep working hard buddy and love your comp !