Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 4, 2014 (Week 103)

Well, first things first, FELICIDADES A LOS NUEVOS PADRES!!! Brad y Shay [Congratulations on new parents, Brad and Shay], I hope the best for you two, and hope and pray that little Bronson grows well and strong. So happy for you both.

On to the next business, this week has been rough. Not gonna lie. Every investigator that we seem to find stop progressing in 2 days. We put dates with people then her brother-in-law says, "oh, she's already a member! She just doesn't remember"... or "I'm moving far away", or "my sister got in a car wreck and is in a coma and I'm going to Veracruz".. stuff like that. Also, Aracely got in a fight with her lazy daughter and had to take off to a pueblito about 35 minutes away, and it's not in our area. I'm sad. but she´ll at least be able to cook over there... We also taught her 1 nefi 8, and she knows really well she's gotta endure to the end!

But, we also had success. We did manage to meet one new guy, a friend of Jose Luis (by the way, Jose Luis is bien poderoso! [mighty fine] Wow. We taught him 1 nefi 8 and 2 hours later calls with 3 references. haha.) But this guy is pretty insecure, but came to church and loved it. And members wonder why we need them to get involved in the missionary work... Let's see... Aracely, Jose Luis, Elvia... what a difference it makes when a member is present in the lessons. But on the scary side, Elvia was suddenly given a week of vacations, before she gets baptized this weekend, but the scary part is that she is gonna be in her house not for 2 days, but for 7, and they drink more coffee than water, but we sent her off good and prepared, and we are all fasting and praying she holds strong. She doesn't have a number, so we aren't gonna hear from her for a week. Talk about trial of your faith!!! Man, but just before she went she left saying she wants the member that has been helping her to baptize her. I love that familia. They are so cool. But she knows she's gonna get baptized and she knows she can't drink or we postpone the fecha [date]!!!

Another cool thing that has happened this week, Los padres de Kiany [The parents of Kiany] started to get excited to get baptized. But they aren't married, so we came up with a plan, instead of us paying for the wedding, we just got the ward to do a order of pies and cookies, (she knows how to make desserts) and he (Luis) is gonna do some extra jobs. So now they are both committed!!! And they have to work for their baptism! That's the best part. They say they don't have money to drink coffee or beer hahahaha, But I see in their eyes that they have seen the light, and have felt the spirit, and even though they haven't said anything, I know they have a testimony. Luis now refuses work on Sundays so he can take Kiani to church, and Adelaida is happy that her husband is more happy. It's been cool to see them. We also taught them 1 nefi 8, and asked, what group do you want to be in? 1,2, or 3. well 3 no? That's good. But you are in group 1 right now, and they didn't get saved haha. Oh so I gotta take hold of the iron rod? Exactly! They understood. That's always fun!

We are going to draw really big the plan of salvation on a huge sheet of paper and put it up in the park. It's about the best idea Elder Winsor's had in his life and I give him all the credit. I've had him go pray a few times to ask for help to be happy. Sometimes he gets dis-animated, but with this idea he's now seeing he has good ideas and can participate. He's grown a lot. He still freaks out a little when the Internet doesn't load fast enough though haha. This time doesn't count right?? right??? haha. It's cool. He loves his family. Mondays sure are his joy. It's been fun having him as a compaƱero. He told me about the 4 normal personality types, and how one has 2, and the other has the other 2 haha. It's been a fun few months though. We get along really well. I still ask him why he does things like where sweatpants and a shirt to bed when its hotter than Hades every once in a while hahah... He just pauses, looks at me, and says: "Well I don't know!" then proceeds to change into basketball shorts.. It's funny.

I've been studying and teaching 1 nefi 8 a lot. It's my second favorite chapter besides Alma 32, but then again, it's the same thing. They are talking about the same tree. I'll have to teach that one to you guys when I get back. I'll see if I can do it in English, haha.

Also, I was studying in Jacob 5. It talks about in 20 how God works long and hard so his trees give fruit. Makes me think, aren't we trees too? In Juan [John] 15 Jesus talks about how God will clean the fruit of the vine so it gives more... also in Mateo [Matthew] 24 it talks about the talents and how much God invests in us... the question is... Are we giving the fruit God has cleaned us to be? After all of his conversion, have we grown the way God wanted us to grow? or is he going to say: Why hasn't this tree given forth good fruit? After all I have done... 

I've started my libro de mormon [Book of Mormon] again, and I've now realized I've studied and got plenty enough for investigators, and I've started to apply it to myself. Man. There are some good scriptures and some great lessons from the prophets if we really try to apply them to ourselves. May we all do so, and may we always be found working in the vineyard of the Lord, so that when he comes, we will be found innocent and rejoice with our King.

Elder Mortensen

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