Sunday, August 17, 2014

July 28, 2014 (Week 102)

Juily 28, 2014

Querida familia,
Como estan? les amo mucho, y me da muchisima flojera escribir ahora! nos vemos!
[Dear family, 
How are you? I love them a lot, and I'm too lazy to write very many now! see you!]

Querida familia,
no es cierto. pues, me da flojera, pero ya que. [
Dear Family, it's not true, I'm not lazy]

So this week went pretty well. Lots of stressing out and trying to process information like a computer haha. Organizing contacts, old investigadores, inactive members, and a whole bunch of other datos [data]. Woo. But, it turned out alright. We have had some success this week. Had a really really cool baptism with Jose Luis. He's been wanting to get baptized for like 6 years, but did some things in Cancun that didn't let him, but 6 years later, he was fully repented, and was able to get baptized. It was really cool, you could tell he just longed to be a member. He accepts everything and loves it. I'll be seeing him in the celestial kingdom. His friend, the same in the foto gave us the reference, and its been cool to get to know him too. Miguel Angel is his name. 

We had a few really cool nights with Heliberto and his unsure wife Marisol., noches de hogar [Family Home Evening], and everything. It was spiritual. Saturday night we passed by just to make sure they were gonna come, and standing outside by the tienda [store] they have, I bore testimony of the Book of Mormon, and told her my testimony was true, but then told her something I've never really said: That it's true or I've lied to them, to the world and blasphemed before God.the spirit was really strong. Unfortunately, Heliberto went to go repair a few machines Sunday morning and they didn't come. I was super sad. That's the thing about Mexico, they work 7 days a week. it's hard to find the people who will keep their commitments... Still love 'em, still hoping and praying and fasting that they will get a testimony. I could care less about 5 weeks. If they have a testimony they are going under el 17/8/2014 haha. Don't care one bit. I can see and discern WHEN someone has a testimony or not.

Aracely went to the temple. She loved it. She's seen a TON of blessings in her life after accepting the gospel. It's been really cool. I love seeing her happy.

Elvia is going strong without cafe. (coffee) They drink it like water in the little pueblitos. More than water actually. she's been fighting. Really shy girl but its been fun to teach her with the family next door. She's been coming to church and loves it. The 9th shes got a [baptismal] date! She's our last date we have that's set. People always say they are gonna come but they never do. Oh well, everyone is free to chose for themselves. Dan sent an email out about how in his mission they just go into houses and bless the house and family. Says it's working. We might give that a shot. I think they've kind of forgotten that down here. Everything is technique and how you do this and how you do that and short lessons and lots of em and ask for references and a whole bunch of stuff that we just forgot about blessing their lives... maybe if I get the chance to be a mission president I'll put that in play. It's a good strategy. We focus too much on other things we forget about the spirit and blessing the lives of people.

Elder Winsor is still frightened of contacting and stresses more than dad about money, but he's progressing. We have fun a lot. I'm glad to be his compañero. It's been a good time. Quite the last little mountain to climb, haha!

Love you all. Can't think of anything else, so I'm just gonna watch bible videos on Nos vemos [See you] haha

Elder Mortensen

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