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December 24, 2012 (Week 19)

December 24, 2012

Stoked for skype, first off. Emailing un poquito me aburrè... haha I can't wait to just talk normally. Skype at 8 tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I'm glad the family party went well. I missed the family and grandma and grandpa. Not so much on the little kids.Here, they like to go crazy on my clothes and rip backpacks and steal pens and assorted items, and the parents don't do much. So not much has changed. Kids are kids no matter where you are. At least they are more fun than some of the adults we get... hahaha
Angel our convert hitting a pinata at the ward party
As for the crepe eating contest... hold your breath on that title Riley. We have a family we are eating with tonight and their daughter works for a crepe shop. We are eating dinner with them tonight. What a blessing right? I just know El Señor is smiling right now. I picture him and Heavenly Father just smiling whenever they bless us. It's gotta be one of their favorite things to do.

Except for have dinosaurs as pets. I still think they have them.

jaja anyways... cards. I bought a really good camera today. Pretty sweet little deal. About 12x better than my camera.. haha. Takes SD cards.. so that's a problem. I might buy a small one while I'm waiting. If you can get an envelope and put in like 2 usbs and a few SD cards ill use the usbs all my mission and send the really slim SD cards that wont get jacked or noticed to send home every month or so. So yeah. Send those pronto si se puede. gracias! And thanks everyone for the money! It was nice to see a few thousand pesos waiting for me.
Well, the comp is basically "dead". Our area is pitiful compared to the other two wards who easily triple us each with members and people. We just can't get any help. I want to leave so bad. I'm praying that they leave him here to "die" in Nuevas esperanzas and send me somewhere out of the port. That's all I want. I want to see the jungle. It's killing me. Elder Smith said he has hiked the Hill Cumorah where the Jaredites fought, and Elder Bixler is baptizing in lakes, and I've got chiveria. an ugly concrete jungle like daybreak. All the same house and apartment buildings, and lots of different colors. haha but yeah. we were going to baptize yesterday, but Elder Castañeda doesn't think shes ready. She's nine. I keep reminding him I had no sort of testimony when I was 8. And brawlio didn't know the difference between God and Jesus Christ because his brain was a rock, and Sinai the 9 year old girl is no different. That's 3 kids if she gets baptized. We work with inactive families a lot, and they always have a kid over 9 that wants to get baptized. They get baptized, and the family comes back. Pretty sweet deal.

Today, we helped move about 7000 blocks of an building that the family that Elder Boyd lives with. They brought us lunch and we sweated our brains out putting these block through a tiny window. good to get sweaty and work hard again. That's for sure. Good pday, saw the whole black market today. Always an interesting experience as a gringo haha love you all.

Anyways, cuidense hasta mañana a las 8. no puedo esperar a verles. les amo, Elder Mortensen

oh i forgot! Red Red Balloon. goes up up up! red balloon goes up up up!

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