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December 31, 2012 (Week 20)

December 31, 2012

[Movie Quote of the Week]
I've got a hangover. Anyone know what that means?
It means your drunk.
No! It means I was drunk.. yesterday!
   -school of rock

hahahaha Mom don't kill me. It has a point. First off, we brought a drunk to church with his wife and family after 3 Alka Seltzers. He sobered up and enjoyed it, but we went back 2 hours later to his house and he was drunk again. Funny guy hahah.

Second. there are plenty of drunks Christmas Eve and even more so tonight. There are parades of people dressing up as men and women and dancing in the street on stilts and straw hats for money. We will see how tonight goes. Elder Castañeda is actually a little scared. He says its pretty dangerous. More drunks than he's ever seen before in his life.

Third. That's how we felt this last week. We got a nice litlte break from daily life Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, but Wednesday waking up sore from moving blocks and we didn't feel like doing anything. We sat around, and nobody studied in our district, come to find out. It was very hard to get motivated and back into the mission groove again.

Fourth, we have been working with Efren when we can find him. A drunk that smokes Marijuana and drinks a ton, and I guess from his mumblings he has hit his son, who is also a huge druggy and curses at us every time we walk by. Efren is really great, but hard to find. Started fasting to overcome his problems without us even mentioning fasting. Really great guy. Wish we could find him.
That's all the reasons I have :) haha other than that, pretty average week. Baptized Sinai this Sunday. She kept pointing at Castañeda to baptize and it hurt a little because I haven't baptized since Donata, but it was alright. She was really annoying to Elder Cast at church so he told her he wasn't going to baptize her, I was. I was cool with that. He said he's been in the water plenty and wanted to give the chance to me. Really good. Sinai said at the service she wanted me to do it and confirmed that she was chill with it and wanted me to do it. Service went off without a hitch, and like my personal motto: First time, every time. Hahah! That's what's up. Good service, then gave some blessings to other families, and worked with inactives a lot. We have revived this ward that's for sure. Something like 7 or 8 families are coming again. Pretty sweet. 

Really?  How could he hate kids? :)

I still hate kids though. They jump on you, and like to steal your stuff and rip backpacks and have no respect for your scriptures and I really want to give them a nice backhand. If I didn't have this nametag... hahaha but yeah. Pretty chill week. Good stuff. Relaxing and working hard. the blisters are back for some reason! and oh, I'm putting on weight... haha pretty good gut now. No me importa! I hate exercising in the mornings. Everyone walks past our house and watches the gringo jumprope and if I go on the roof, this crazy lady with dogs and cats yells at me in who knows what language. She reminds me of the lady from the Simpsons that has tons of cats, mumbles, and throws things. hahahaha well.. I'll send some pictures. Love you all. I'll see ya in may otra vez :) Glad that[Skype]  went off without a hitch too. Nos Vemos!

`THE` Elder Mortensen.

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