Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 7, 2013 (Week 21)

January 7, 2013

As for the CAMBIOS [Transfer]... I'm leaving. To an area in the Centro and ocean front about 20 minutes away. cinco de mayo se llama. Yeah.I'm stoked for a change. It'll be realllllllly nice.  I get a gringo too. That'll be different you'll hear more in a week how that goes.

We had a sweet December 31st. They burned an old dummy in front of our house, with fireworks, and fun stuff. So I stayed up till 12 and went and watched. We bought something like 300 pesos worth of fireworks and lit them off at Familia Jaimes house. I'm glad to be leaving. Elder Castañeda found their daughter and they were getting a little close.. I'm glad to have that responsibility off of my head. For January 6th celebration, they eat a round cake looking thing and it has fruit and stuff. Pretty fun.

My comp and I had a jabañero competition at a home. PONGASE HOMBRE came out hard. We had 3 jabañeros and I ate 2. Dang orgullo. pride. He said I'm eating more because he finished the chile. I said "hermana.. tiene mas?" She brought out another and we each took one and ate, then I took 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6 and shoved them in my mouth and chewed them obnoxiously so he could see I chewed them. I won. By far. I beat a Mexican!!!! haha I love the chiles here, but I took some serious pills after. Pepto, Slka Seltzer, Tums, and my stomach didn't forgive me for 2 days. but I won. and that's ALL THAT MATTERS. hahaha

Elder Boyd and Elder Mortensen

Oh yeah, E. Boyd and Fuentes aren't having success, so E. Castañeda went with them to see. That means me and Elder Boyd were together in my area. That was pretty sick. Taught a few lessons, and then slept in my house. That was definitely a good way to end the friendship we've had these 2 cambios!
No baptisms. Hector and Susi never came back from the south... but it sounds like Susi has another boyfriend... I don't know. But I was pretty torn up. I hated to know that they weren't going to get baptized. They seemed golden. Who knows. me voy. As for telling people bye... I hate it. The familia León was hard to say bye to. I've really enjoyed that family. 6 boys and the mom that has cancer and always makes this chocolate drink for us she is the nicest lady. The familia Jaime that we spent all of the holidays with, just more families. Brawlio, and I have Angel y Donata, Guazozon, and Uscangas tonight. That's gonna feel like duct tape in my hair getting ripped out faster and faster. I just feel nothing but love for these people. I guess that's what the Title ELDER does to ya but I also think it's a part of actually living with them. You can travel the world, but until you speak their language and just live with them, I don't think you'll ever know them. I feel blessed to be in Mexico. But I'm excited for a change. I need it in my mission.
Elder Boyd
I feel bad for Elder Boyd. He's with his comp in the same area for another transfer. He was so excited for a change. but he's stuck. I feel bad. I'm really not sure what to say. Pretty easy week, the time is flying, and the next transfer has month 5 and 6 of my mission. I do miss my friends some and would like to hear from some of them. I'm in Mexico, but I feel even further without any friends' letters. At least my family writes! I'll always love you guys. I don't want to keep rambling so I'll get this one sent off. Adios!

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