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January 28, 2013 (Week 24)

January 28, 2013

jajaj que tal amigos! es su favorito elder otra vez! ya lo sè me han extrañado bastante! esta bien.

ok. I'm here. I'm here. well. as for the week, it's been better. I like it here. A little. I'd still love to go to los tuxtlas. I miss my outdoors. right now I'm literally in a place compared to South Salt Lake, with the ocean. It's annoying and the people here are hard. but its weird. We are having fun with the companionship. We come from the same hard working previous life and we like a lot of the same things. The phrase to describe our compañerismo: back when I was a young buck... I did this. No. Listen. Back when I was a young buck... it's pretty comico. We are like 2 old geezers living the glory days. It's just there is no excitement from day to day and things are basically the same. How did you get over that dad? We are working and walking and enjoying the mission, but we miss the high points, as well as the low points. we are just coasting right now, doing busy work. I love the work, and we baptized 2, but then it just feels like back to the same ol work. I feel like there needs to be a season for all things, and I feel like we are in the season of todo tranquilo and to be honest, I'm a little bored. Lessons are great, but we don't have too many times to sit down and don't get in too many doors so we just walk, knock, and set up follow up appointments when the previous follow up appointment fell through! haha but yeah. advice? Scripture cases were way too much. He wanted like 70 dollars for the 2, not including drawings on 'em. No news on carnival, but if they pull us out, they'd put us back in the day before the transfer ends. it'll be interesting. We take taxis to the transfers.


haha One of our investigators the night before her baptism, Esperanza, (she's amazing. We have to repent every time we go there because we aren't worthy to teach such a progressing and changing person. She makes our lives better.) But yeah. She gave us 4 mini pies each. Jamon, piña, limon, and chocolate. sooooooo goood. Oh my. I love dessert hahahaha. but yeah. I can probably make them over there. But yeah. They were great.

haha I'm glad your little photo of the cockroach scared some kids off. Ill take a photo of our trash can and sink. It's filled with ants. We like to use Axe aerosol and a lighter to roast them all. There have been 3 leeches in the bathroom and ants everywhere. Tell people to shut up and eat there food. When they have to eat chicken that's got maggots or pig feet then they can complain... sheesh! what's this world coming to? haha

I'll have to show you the Libro de Conner when I get home. I had a miracle happen at the gas station that just needs to be told in person to the right crowd.. haha but yeah. It's coming along good. A very prized memory.

Finished the Book of Mormon again. Going through the entire standard works next. Wish me luck with the Old testament. Weird stuff. "and Sampson ripped the young lion apart like he would a kid" hahahah dumb stories.

Really fast. We had two baptisms!!! The ward mission leader, really skinny one, he's been mission leader for 24 years or something. Old and lazy. But he baptized Mercedes, who finally had a break from work this Sunday so we baptized her, and her son and his girlfriend are getting in the water this Saturday! So stoked. Hope it all works out good. Esperanza talked with her son to get forgiveness from being a harsh single mother, but he won't forgive her. She really understands the atonement. She wouldn't get baptized until she got it taken care of. But she did, dropped coffee in 2 seconds, and got baptized by the bishop who is her cousin. Really good service. Glad the two people who can help us out baptized. Maybe it'll get the ward moving! But yeah. I think that's all I've got for today, and I'm out of time. I'll send some photos! cuídense mi familia!

- El Elder Mortensen.

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