Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 4, 2013 (Week 25)

February 4, 2013

Thanks for the raisin pie recipe. I'm so stoked. I love pie hahaha. well. Thanks for the advice on the people to visit. We have been spending some time with them, but then you always feel bad because you weren't 'finding' people during that time. I don't care. I need some sanity in this world. There's always a good catholic woman to yell and say you don't believe in Christ! Well... yeah, we do. I respect all religions! and then spits on us. huh. quien sabe. haha But yeah, as for the misión, it's fun.

My tonsils got infected, well still are, with something and ended up having 3 big ol holes there. Had to go see a little clinic. Been taking medicine. Part of that medicine is Vitamin C. My comp has a bottle, and realized he hasn't been taking it for a while and liked how they taste because he was hungry so he popped 3. 2500% daily value. He found out later that Vitamin C is a natural laxative! jajajajaja. It's been pretty tranquilo except for the power struggle going on in the Ward. The bishop wants followers and will punish them if they don't. They sign up to give us food under the names of her aunts and herself, on the only day that the super Familia Fernandez can. It's bugging us. Half the misión is doing baptisms for numbers and will hold our mail if we don't... they are bad elders.  Frustrating. Nobody cares. We will just keep baptizing. We like doing our own thing, and don't like the high school games. So many cliques in this Ward. The people are good, just a few problem areas. We like all the people and actually get along really well with inactives and recent converts. Who knows why haha.

Alejandro y Reyna
We baptized again this week! Reyna and Alejandro went in the water. We've become good friends and don't want us to get transferred. To be honest I like my comp and this area. Don't really feel like praying for a change in the slightest. We at least want to hit our goal of 6 people this transfer and a few consecutive weeks. This area used to be one of the best but too many lazy comps got in here and it went downhill. We're working on it. Maybe that's my strength... getting the problem areas fixed up! haha. I'd like one where it's just tranquilo for a change! But I might start training next transfer. I can't believe this transfer is already two thirds done...

Package-wise, I got the Liahona, but nothing else. I hope that package with the duffel gets here.

 I just bought a nicer hammock... haha im a sucker for a good hammock. I'll need to sell this other one to some schmuck. oh well. I'm doing good. Sending pictures. Take care and I'll let you know once a week whatever I possibly can. haha. Adiós!
El Elder Mortensen.
We jumped on our roof and brought chairs to get out of the city. We aren't built for lots of Streets...

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