Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013 (Week 42)

June 3, 2013

So this week was pretty insane. This weekend we had two pending people, Guermina y Carlitos escape from the clutches of her Pentecost husband. Her grandson got baptized in about 2 minutes during the young women's class we had to interrupt. But Guiermina didn't bring a change of clothes, so for tomorrow we hope! Johnny ran off. Which was a shame. He really didn't have a testimony I think. He won't even talk to us now. But we had Bety too, a 10 year old girl who loves the church, but her mom beats her. She's in the foto... but yeah. Good baptismal service, and we confirmed them both in a small room with the first counselor. Very random day. We also had a few unexpected people come to church so we were busy running around talking to them and doing lessons and other stuff. Really stressful, but hey it was worth it. Man. I realized how yellow my 'white' shirts are... freak. I don't think its dinner plates anymore. It's more of a full body deal.... hahaha.
Wow. I'm scatter brained. I guess that's what happens though. 
We had interviews an hour away for the other elders in our district. It was pouring rain. We had to full on sprint for 200 meters to catch the bus.  Everyone's like, "freak! White guy outside is bangin' on the side of the bus! He's crazy! Don't let him in!!" Finally got in, got to a taxi, and shoved 7 of us in there again and drove off. The picture I sent home is me on the little cable run ferry they have and the river is the Popomuloapan. It's pretty chill. I like doing enterviews allí.[over there].  We finished with that and took off to the area to change again haha. By the time we got home we were dry.
This Monday we played baseball as a zone. It was fun, but they have chiggers in the grass down here. I've got blood sucking pieces of chaffa sucking my blood all day long. Freaking annoying those things. Well.. 
Yeah, It's hot, and oh yeah, I'm getting surgery! Surprise mom! I called the Hermana Treviño. They are gonna cut out my tonsils... I hate the idea of doctors, but it's a cool story. Operation in Mexico, and idk. Mendez is like dude your tonsils are rotting. They are gonna get infected. I'm like... well hey that ain't good. A'ight. I'll call her. So... yeah. I'll keep ya updated on that! haha They haven't told me anything about dates or times so don't worry. Be happy. Every little thing is gonna be alright. Singing don't worry.... about a thing... every little thing ... is gonna be alright....
Elder Muertensen.
Muerte (death) hahahaha kids always say Mortensen... sounds like Muerteson hahah. nos vemos mi familia. Adios! [see you later family. Bye!] Voy pa aca... [??]

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