Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 12, 2013 (Week 52)

August 12, 2013

Well.. for this week..
Elder Carcamo is from Honduras. Pretty cool bro. It's been a pretty good week. He does a decent job of reminding me I have an accent sometimes... hahaha but I get along good with him. He says freak cuate [buddy] a lot haha. Freak cuate mira [look buddy] freakkkkk.. No manches cuate no me digas men. [no way, buddy! don't tell me! (??)]

Haha. He's a cool bro. Gonna enjoy the time with him. We are both wondering why the Lord wanted us together so bad. Guess we will know!

Well... we didn't have too much success this week, a lot of crappy investigators. Fasted Sunday, ended the fast and then killed everyone on the list. Everywhere we went it was like we were guided to contact that person. "Oh yeah, I wanted to get baptized, but the Elders left. Sooo... I never did." "Well, lets get you married and in the water" haha. We actually found a family of 7 on Saturday, and Sunday 5 more in that family. And they all love listening. I'm soooo stoked to get them all in the water. They are progressing really well.
The white girl, Maria de Los Angeles, is actually progressing. She does her homework and all that. Carcamo has a great time in the lesson. We left after the first one and was like: Freakkk cuate. no entendí NADA. (I didn't understand anything!) "Is that how you all feel when you get here?" "Yup." haha.
Maribel is seeing progress with her husband. We are hoping that he gets better soon. It's a rollercoaster, but she does want to go to church. Just can't at the moment with Jorge. Gotta be with him. Hopefully he gets over this soon... They are a cool family. She really likes it when we go over and pray.
As for church... I was playing for the sacrament hymn, but not a dang person knew it haha. I was playing, the chorister was trying her best, but the encargado got up and changed the hymn.. AWKWARD..... it was interesting. haha. But I now know, when someone doesn't like a hymn, they will not sing... hahah
So, as for the cool parts, if we have a Bautizona, we get to go to the temple the tuesday after. O sea, if everyone in the zone baptizes that weekend, in August, that zone goes to the temple. We sure are hoping. I wanna go to the temple.
BUTTTTTTT... here's the story of the week.
So, there is a bee, a wasp down here.. That's real big and painful: Campanera. They were building a hive at Marias house, and there were a bunch of kids around. Being me, not thinking, I grabbed the broom, put everyone inside, and got rid of the hive. I got bit one time and boy did that thing freaking KILL. I didn't think anything of it, until I woke up in the morning and my hand was still red and a little swollen. By the end of the day, the watch was on my belt and my hand and wrist were 3x the normal size... oops. Went to a crappy farmacy at 9 at night, the guy gave me a nice shot in the butt, and told me to come back tomorrow. That shot freaking killed too... so I went back the next night. An overweight, sick, "doctor" was there. He coughed on my syringe, put it in his mouth, and then gave me part 2/2 of my shot. Boy... only in Mexico... haha. Good thing the señor [the Lord] doesn't want me dead yet. But my hand has since de-swollen, although Monday, 6 days later, there are still a few spots... freaking Campanera... I'll try and get some fotos sent home soon. but freak. It sure left a hole on my hand....
So... creo que eso es todo...[I think that's all]
I don't know. Take care of yourselves wherever you are. Oh, by the way, I've got a garment tie tan line. The celestial smile is white and a nice tie collar line. Looks cool. When it gets super bad I'll send home a foto haha.

Pues... Hasta la proxima [well, until next time], Elder Mortensen

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