Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 5, 2013 (Week 51)

August 5, 2013

I hate toasters. I hate 'em. They are like a horrible jack in the box and I always get burnt. -- Elder Bair.

Dad... primero,[first] Proverbios [Proverbs] 10:1. more stuff for you to brag about at work ;)

hahaha Well.. not too much to say this week, less busy than the last, and all of our baptisms failed. The most probably because she had a woman problem. FREAK. That sucks. It's the worst thing to hear as a missionary, because there are no scriptures to overcome that doubt...
We started teaching a woman called Maribel, and her husband, Jorge. He has some serious problems in his liver because he is a straight drunk. He couldn't stop. The Evangelistas Pentecostes  "cured" him once already but they didn't want to go back, so we did. Gave him a blessing and he is still sick, yellow and can barely move, but better. We have given him 2 blessings and her 1. I gave her a blessing the other day and it was the coolest thing ever. I felt so inspired to say certain things I'd never thought about before, that it was overwhelming. So cool. One time in a lesson we were teaching the restauracion [restoration], and Elder Gomez (divisions), was bearing his testimony, pretty long one, and repeating himself, but I had the thought to ask her how she was feeling.. So I waited patiently for him to finish, and the moment he did, I asked her. She said: "on fire!" WHAT UP!!! It was so cool. She got baptized 6 months ago in the Pentecostes, and her mom reminded her, but in short words she said, "shut up mom, I'm gonna read the book." WOO!!! She'd be super cool. but yeah, I hope it all works out. 
We found a white girl from Kansas City whose mom dragged her down to Mexico. She's Mexican, but more white than brown and speaks English. It's so much fun teaching lessons. I hope she progresses. She's pretty cool, but she's cute too... Can't wait to see my comp try and say stuff in lessons hahaha
Speaking of which, cambios [transfers]. Elder Bair is leaving, and coming is Elder Carcamo. Which is really interesting, because I was supposed to be with him in Unidad until I got moved to Carlos A Carillo. I guess the Lord wants us together or something. Pretty cool. I'm excited to find out why...
That's about it for the week. and, the encargado [bishop/branch president?] and second counselor took the first presidency letter about short sweet testimonies wrong. They give people a piece of paper after 45 seconds... that doesn't help the spirit! But Elder Bair went up and stole the paper! hahahaha
Hasta la proxima, les quiero mucho. Adios! [Until next time, I love you. bye!]

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