Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 19, 2013 (Week 53)

August 19, 2013

So, to start off, this week was pretty hard... not the year mark I was hoping for. It was pretty interesting...

Started off with pancakes with a member, I made my 1 out of pancake dough and that was cool. It all went pretty downhill from there...

I'm not one to be negative. I'll save it for later.

All in all, I bought a Spiderman piñata, and we set it on fire with a tie and my 1 year mark shirt. Pretty freaking cool. Good times with Jose Luis y Laura.

So this famiilia de 10 is actually doing pretty well. We are working really hard with them to get the goal of 1 septiembre. They quit drinking coffee and smoking, and 6 went to church! The grandma needs to get married and overcome her doubts of the Virgen Maria y Juqila y los Santos. We are gonna work hard. She makes good tamales. I'm pretty stoked for the 1st. Can't wait actually.

Well.. Really nothing much happened. Jorge died. that was super sad. Freaking Evangelicos. Negative buggers. Sad funeral.
Jose Luis is facing criminal charges for something he didn't do or know about and the are selling all their things..
Olimpia didn't get baptized, says she has no clue what the Book of Mormon is, which is a lie, she likes what it says and has read more than 5 chapters.

I don't know. It's been a very long week. I'm glad to get started again. Every week is an año [year] en la mision. Just need to keep going and the times will get better.

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