Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 18, 2013 (Week 66)

November 18, 2013

Ey que onda familia! mucho tiempo sin vernos eh! [Hey Family, what's up? Long time no see!]
Well. This week was pretty uneventful. Working hard. Finally had a good normal interview with president, haha. I don't like it when we have interviews and there is a problem... haha. It doesn't go well for me. 
We were praying pretty hard for some newbies. The tanks were pretty dry. The Lord left us without hope Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, when a man looked at me funny while we were waiting for a bus. I felt like I should contact him, so did. He's straight escogido. (chosen). Loves the Book of Mormon, came to church, and has his baptism for the 8th of December. Wow. The next day we found a woman who just didn't get baptized cause she hurt herself and the elders left her, but now she's gonna get baptized this Sunday. That's pretty cool.
A girl that is 12 years of age all of a sudden wants to get baptized, but then the bishop told me Tuesday she's gonna get baptized Friday, she's already got the interview.. umm... what interview? WE have to do an interview. She's not a niña enscrita [child of record]! Sheesh. I've got a process to follow and I'm gonna teach her. Cancel the baptism. Nobody was happy but hey I don't want her sins over my head! Her dad is
a Pentecost preacher and doesn't like the Mormons at all because all of her children got baptized before 18 in secret. It's a pretty powerful familia here in Mendoza, and I'm pretty sure I angered them, but who cares. I fear God. haha, but she's gonna get baptized this Wednesday.  It counts for us. That's the cool part haha.
I talked this Sunday. We both did. I talked about being an ejemplo [example]. It's funny. It was my comps first time and he told me he noticed my slight loving planch. I told him, that's all discoursing is... planching the ward, with love haha. My lider misonal [ward mission leader] got up and copied my talk. What a tool, haha. The example of the Anti Nefi Lehitas. Cool story. Gotta really love El Libro de Mormon [the Book of Mormon]. Which I do love more than The Book of Mormon. English bores me now. I hate reading it. It's hard helping Elder Cerna read English when I can't even remember it well, haha. Wait... what word? Zarahemla? Who knows? Say it in Spanish. Same thing haha.
Well. I think that's it for now. Man it's almost Christmas.Sheesh. And [Grandpa Mortensen's birthday] 89!?!wow!!!! tell him felcidades [congratulations]! I miss them a lot.A few short months and I'll see all four of them again. That's for sure. I hope I'm there for the 90th.
Love you all. Que Dios les cuide. [May God watch over you]
Elder Mortensen.

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