Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 4, 2012 (Week 64)

November 4, 2013

Well.... Red Sox did win. Man. Everyone was watchin it down here! Sheesh. Elder Bixler planched [got after] me a few times. "I'm only seeing the score calm down" haha.
I got me a newspaper from the day after. I'll save it for you guys to read. It's pretty cool.
Well.... Maria got baptized. And Hiossio. And Yetzabeth. And they got confirmed Sunday. I got to do the baptism of Maria and her confirmation. Wow. If THAT wasn't a neat experience... I promised her the blessing of a temple familia if she held strong. I felt impressed to say it. I want it to come true. I wish I could tell you all about it but its all just feelings. The only words are that they got baptized. It's just something that I feel. I can't describe it. But I know her and her familia will be active for the rest of their lives.
Laura y Laura should be getting baptized this weekend. Gonna fast I think. Man. I reallllly hope she does. She is kind of scared and indecisive. Only through el señor [the Lord]... only through Him...
As for Dia de Los muertos [Halloween], yeah they celebrate it. It's pretty pagan though. Literally. They put offerings up to their dead, and sometimes to statues and paintings of the Virgin Maria. It's a backwards pueblo down here... pretty nuts. They are all idol worshipers but won't accept it haha. It's sometimes dificil [difficult]. well.. all the time.
Not too much else happened this week. Training mi hijo [my Junior]. That's fun. The best part about him, he's patient, and a clean freak. My apartments have never looked so clean... hahaha. He's 25, from the state of Mexico. a town called Charco. He came out a little late because of work and saving money, but he's here and wants so bad to know everything. He always asks me to have patience with him. I tell him he's about the first I haven't had to have patience with haha.  He's gotta have patience with himself. He's a cool cat. Elder Cerna. I realized how crappy my Spanish had gotten. It's hard for my brain to hop back into 24/7 Spanish mode now...
Well. I have no clue what else to tell ya. Ruben drank, and he thought he was still on the same level as his famiila. I had to rebuke him for that. He doesn't get it yet. Oh well, we are planning a pretty hard lesson for him. The feel good stuff isn't working. As long as the Spirit is with me I can say what the Lord wants. Interesting experience with that.
Love you all. Que Big Papi Viva!

Adios. Elder Mortensen.

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