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January 27, 2014 (Week 76)

January 27, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle.

Haha I'm here. In San Andres Tuxtlas. It's down south by the ocean by Catemaco and stuff. The city is called San Andres, Tuxtla. I went from one extreme of the mission to the other, haha. It's hot, but not too bad. Still January, so I'll keep my mouth shut.
Were you a ZL dad? What advice do you have for me? Haha and no cars [I asked Conner if the Zone Leaders had cars for their area]. I have two. They are shoes, and have custom holes in the bottom. hahaha. It's pretty poor down here. Humble. and no I've always wanted to come down here. I've always heard about Tuxtlas and stuff and wanted to find out. Its super beautiful. Basically what I meant is it's the last area in the mission I haven't been to. Tuxtepec, Veracruz, Tierra Blanca, y Los Tuxtlas. The 5 main areas. So I'm super blessed to be down here. But I'll have one more area before dying. This is my 5th change.

Elder Anderson is pretty cool. He's from West Jordan. We came all this way just to meet someone that lived down the street a bit haha. I have no idea what the Lord wants me to learn from all these gringo compaƱeros. Freak, it's a little annoying, haha. I just want to speak Spanish for more than one comp at a time. It would help to have like 2 or 3 comps to keep the fluidity. Down here its just a rama [area]. They don't have the numbers necessary to be a ward and stake, so they are all branches. They are missing out on a lot of blessings... They don't have high priests or bishops or anything. Mi rama [my area] is pretty small but pretty cool. We are working super hard. Elder Anderson isn't dead which is good, but he's close to home which doesn't make it easy. He is trying to stay away from the end, haha.  Well, Elder Johnson is coming this week. I've gotta go to Veracruz twice and get a nice planch from El presidente del 70 de mexico jaja.... woo! I'm excited. But it's always a real eye opener to get planched and motivated by a 70 haha. Helps keep the mission flowin! 
We have a few good investigators, but none of them came to church! One guy was crying and asking how he could come to know God and what he had to give to be baptized, and all we said was come to church and pray. 6 people said without fail they would be there, but nothin'. That sure was frustrating! Well... It's time to head out for the week. I'll try to take more fotos later on. que les vaya muy bien [hope all is going well, good luck].

Elder Mortensen

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