Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 3, 2014 (Week 77)

February 3, 2014

So Dad was a ZL. We are gonna talk about the mission when I get home, eh! I didn't even know that. It'll be interesting to talk about the two missions!

Well this week, I went to Veracruz to a concilio [council]. Pretty cool being in a room with president and 20 other elderes. I learned a lot. Other than that, we talked about what was gonna happen Viernes [Friday] when Elder Johnson came. Area 70 Presidente. Powerful. He came Friday, I was able to play the piano at that meeting, (pretty cool stuff) then he started talking. It was pretty spiritual. He knows what he's talking about. Friday just made me want to get out and baptize the world, but the door broke, and we ended up being in the apartment after until 6. 3 hours waiting for a locksmith. That's a good way to kill the attitude, haha.
Saturday we went to another conference in Veracruz. Just the leaders of the mission, like 80 people. He then talked about Lehi's dream and explained it all to us. Then, with love, asked us questions about which group we are in, group two, that made it and fell away, or group 3, that lasted. It was pretty powerful... He said what we learned on the mission has everything to do with what we do when we get home. Pretty powerful. I wish I could tell you more. I don't know where the time goes!!! It's insane! I sure do love you all. Know that I know that the Lord lives, and that he loves us. The knowledge we have is sooo important. Share it with everyone!
I really am sorry I can't tell you all, but we are already late to start the day.

Mortensen Elder 

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