Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014 (Week 78)

February 10, 2014

[Told Conner the Jazz beat Miami]Classic Jazz.. beat the best, lose to the rest. haha. If only they'd get as stoked up to fight the other teams we might actually have a team! yeah. [Told him how grateful we are to have a mom who keeps a clean house] Mom really does keep a clean house. It's hard for me to keep a small apartment clean, let alone a house immaculate! haha... but yeah. she does a lot. Gotta get me someone like her! There are too many houses that are just horrendous down here. I mean horrible. A little 1 year old baby threw up on the dirt floor. Her mom patted her on the back and said, "it's ok, here's some Coca Cola." We were amazed at the amazing motherhood down here. So enjoy some time with mom. You picked a great wife. Enjoy some quality time with her Mr. Mom [Kristy broke her arm this week]. haha I bet that song has a whole lot more meaning.
[Told him about running errands Saturday, including a stop at the 7-11 for a slurpee] 7-11.... man. real quick. I had another dream about Mountain Dew. The whole zone was drinking it, but I was fasting. I said "nahhh mañana [tomorrow]!" and bought a ton. Mañana came.... and then I woke up. I was so angry. No wonder I have migraines!
Well, this week things got rough, then a lot better. We are working with more patience and I think things are more relaxed between the two of us. Which is good because I have not had time to breathe. I've had a migraine since last Sunday. I've been getting shots in the butt every day. Complete B cortisone shots to unswell the brain a titch. Man, migraines are horrible. Sure makes it hard to focus I'll tell you that much. We have been working hard and praying hard. Trying to talk to more people every day. Elder Johnson told us we aren't to walk out of a single house without another name of a person to teach. It's really helping the members get a little involved. And we are getting more people to teach. More seeds, more crops, more fruit. We are having difficulties adjusting to the new way to teach. We have to teach God is our loving Father in Heaven,  but super good, super thorough.  We realized this week that we only finished the restauracion 1 time, and got the church of Christ 3 times. There won't be any progression and there isn't anywhere the Spirit can testify and say Joseph Smith really saw God and the church and the blessings are here again... if we never teach it. We are feeling some pressure from the president and the assistants. It's normal. We hardly are having results. Something's gotta give. We are just gonna keep praying and changing and being obedient. It's the only thing we can do. What else happened this week...
Did divisions in Baxcatbaltepec this Saturday. At 7:15 we came sneaking through the window, haha. Kinda fun being ZL for that reason. We can just do stuff like that. I worked there for the day, and came back at night. He [Companion??] told me it helped to see me teach, and to know I was there because I cared and wanted to work and not just judge and evaluate. I hope so. I figure it's one of my only strengths. We need to instill more energy in the zone, verfiry [testify] better, and just work harder. God has blessings for us, just gotta wait and progress.. I guess that's a blessing of another calling, the chance to progress. 
Well, I love you all. Que les vaya muy bien [Hope all goes well, good luck].

Mom, take care of yourself, don't make me hide your pills :)
Love you, Elder Mortensen

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