Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21, 2014 (Week 88)

April 21, 2014

"Can't wait to hear (as always) what you've been up to this week and what you have planned.  I hope the first place you didn't search out was the Chedraui to find a Mountain Dew, haha!" - Dad

- haha. it was.

Tacos al pastor y mnt dew en la noche!!! woo! [Tacos al Pastor and Mountain Dew on the same night!]

Well... this week has been fun! I'm not even sad I'm back in the port. The Lord blessed me more than I can imagine, I've seen all four corners of the mission, and He was way too good to me. I can't believe He did that for me to be honest. I'm completely fine here, and I actually missed being in the port. It was just difficult being sent back to my first area 3 minutes away that early in the mission, but you're not gonna hear a word of complaint. It's been a good week. The ward is wayyyy different than the branch in Los Tuxtlas. There is actually priesthood, and I'm realizing that this is gonna be my last area and I'm gonna do everything I can so I can reach my goals and bring as many people to the gospel as I can.Every time my body says sit down, I think, there is some one else waiting, and I walk faster. I don't even care how tired I get. It's too short the time I have left and I've gotta give it all I got.
Elder Shearer is dying [going home] this change. He's American, like usual, (oh yeah hahahah I asked presidente why I've had so many Americans and he wrote back, "as for the changes, I don't even know." hahaha.) and is from Idaho Falls, Idaho,The land of the papa. (potato) and is pretty stoked. He gets really excited when he speaks. It's pretty funny. He's a good comp and works hard, but boy, my Spanish is gonna suffer. But I'm pretty happy to be with him. It's gonna be a good change.
We have been working with a few people. The area here is divided in three parts, suburbia, (where we live) casas dias, (where the rich people live) and on the other side of the fence of the rich neighborhood is a huge patch of sand dunes with dogs and houses of cardboard and metal... It's quite the drastic change. Well, I'm back in the land of the Norte, or the huge wind that comes from the north and fills our house with dirt, haha. It sucks. We found a 17 year old that looks like he could be gold. He accepted a date for the 18 of May. We gotta work harder and smarter. I'm not frito [fried], but we gotta turn up the pace if I'm gonna baptize my goal. Time is running out. but I don't think about that. Time is nothing. Every day has gotta be a good day. I hope Garrett and Riley read this letter and go out to their mission with the same urgency I've got right now. They will baptize thousands. Well.
I'm so glad we are in the true church. There are churches that literally beat, whip, and crucify someone every year "to feel what Christ felt." It's such a mocking tradition. Easter week to the world is vacations, and drinking. Well, lots of vacation days are devoted to drinking down here haha. Mexicans love their cerveza[beer]! but I'm really grateful for the atonement. How in debt we are we will never know. But like dad said, it's really a comfort to know that Jesus will be at our side on judgement day, but like the scripture says, what will be the evidence that he presents? Will he be proud, or embarrassed of us?... Let's all try to be a little closer to Christ this year, and not go to church only Easter Sunday... 

I got the chance to bless the sacrament this Sunday... only now am I realizing what a blessing that was. Even though there was a lot of priesthood, the bishop asked us to bless. I can't believe what I felt. It was so beautiful to bless the sacrament on Easter Sunday, just like Christ. It was a moment I will never forget, and something I hope to get to do again... I really wish I would have known these things as a priest, when I just read the prayer and passed the bread. But how much that little bread and water means now doesn't even compare. Riley and Garrett, study the sacrament, and know what you do and WHO you represent when you pass that sacrament.... Christ gave so much so we could enjoy that moment. If we think about it, the sacrament is the atonement represented. We are participating of the fruit that Lehi talked about, its the bread and water of life. Let us never forget that. Christ lives. I too, like the prophets and apostles, am His representative. I know He lives and I know that He is my Savior, and my Redeemer. He suffered for us, bled for us, and died for us. I know He resurrected the third day. I know He lives and loves us. I know we are His children, born again in Him in his suffering and sacrifice. Let us strive to be the type of person Christ will be proud to present on judgement day. How great will be that day when God says to us, Come to me, blessed, for your works have been works of righteousness.. Alma 5:21? also Enos 1:27.  I know that one day through Him, I can reach perfection and life eternal with my family. How blessed we are to know this. While the world is off drinking on Easter, we have the huge blessing to really remember what Christ did for us. Let this be a year of change, and a greater devotion to the gospel, and especially to help others to come unto Christ and His church. I know we live in Utah, but there still are chances to preach. Pray for those opportunities, and I know God will give them to you. 

As we sat on the bus and we passed the temple. I said to the man next to me, isn't it beautiful? He said, yes. I told him there families will be forever, not just here waiting to be separated at death. He sat there and thought about it. It was a moment of peace.

Love you all. Que tengan una semana buenisima, y espero lo mejor apara cada uno! [Have a great week and I wish the best for everyone]


Oh yeah. We were studying Friday and I felt my head shake. I kept thinking what in the heck is going on... am I crazy or do I need a Mountain Dew? Is someone shaking my head? I didn't say anything, but then the misioneras called and asked if we felt the earthquake... I said ay. Thank goodness I'm not crazy hahaha. I guess there was an earthquake in Mexico City or nearby and got all the way out here. Pretty funny. Well. I'm ready to go back to work. I don't think anything else happened this week that I can remember... I'm gonna go enjoy the rest of the day sitting by the fridge... :) hahaha.

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