Monday, April 14, 2014

April 7, 2014 (Week 86)

April 7, 2014

well... I have no idea what to say for this week! I feel like I was just here... I loved conference. I think this was the most excited I had ever been, much less the saddest I've ever been when it was over. That was sure a bummer.
Other than that, we have been pretty busy with a few fechas [dates] we have. we might have 5 for this weekend... that would be great! Gabi and Luis are progressing, we saw a pretty cool miracle this week with them. They said well, it's just we want to get baptized with you guys, but our mothers want to baptize the niña en la catolica [baby in the Catholic church]. Huh. Well that's excellent you want to get baptized! Luis was able to make it to conference priesthood session, but his dang hand gives him problems just about every Sunday. Boy does that irritate me haha. Why couldn't you come?? His hand this morning swelled up and we had to go to emergencias! ay ay ay!! Mirta and her little son are doing good. She was living with another man, had a nose piercing, and drank coffee, but just gave it all up when we taught her. It's good to know there are still people like that! Man. She's progressing, that makes me happy. Blanca got super stressed out. I probably didn't help, but the past is the past, and shes gonna get baptized today. The only thing I'm gonna do is make sure NOW she gets converted and doesn't become just another Inactive. That always sucks. I'm gonna work on that. She doesn't like some of the members and gets stressed out when pressioned a little...
Well, I really have nothing else to say. I think I'll end with something I learned from conference. I'd been thinking for a long time who I was gonna be, what I was gonna be, and what I was gonna do when I got back. After Holland and Eyring, and Presidente Treviño being an Area 70, I just thought, I've gotta be a disciple. That's the only thing to do. I'm going to keep working for the Lord, and keep on going until he tells me its time. I can't put in words what I feel, but the mission is changing me. It's a conversion to the gospel that will never change, and something I will never give away. I love my Savior, I love his atonement. Like Benjamin says in Mosiah 2, we are FOREVER in debt of all that we have and are to the Lord. And even if we serve ALL our life, we will still be in debt and worthless servants. I think that about says it all. We have a whole life of devoted discipleship and service to give in the service of the Lord. It'll probably be a  little easier to bear my testimony over Skype or at home, but in mail, that's about all the words I can write. Really, words are only words, I now have to put those words in action.
I'm starting to ramble again, so I'm gonna end this little email. Study conference. They will be our guide for these next 6 and LONG months. And if all the warnings they gave us weren't enough, I think we are gonna face some really difficult times... Love you all. Have a great week,

Elder Mortensen

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