Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 (Week 85)

March 31, 2014

I'm glad you were able to go to the temple. Man. If that's one of the only things I miss. I'd actually give up Mountain Dew to go to the temple. I'm gonna have to keep going weekly just to keep up with the same communication rate I've learned to love with God here on the mish.
That's good you still see faith in me! That's funny because I failed the Christ-like attribute test in Preach my Gospel, chapter 6 on patience and hope. Where there isn't patience, there isn't hope, and you can't have hope without faith, and if there is no faith, there won't be miracles. It's funny how all these things are connected, right? But anyway, I studied a
lot. Hebrews 6 11-19, Romans 5: 3-5 James 5:11. and 2 nefi 10:17 and Moroni 7. I did some extensive research and basically found out that like Job, and Abraham, the Lord is just trying my patience. Like it says in Hebrews, I have to endure in the patience until the hope is full, and then I'll have faith, and then with faith, miracles. We are under oath to baptize every week, sealed by presidente Treviño and Presidente Johnson (70) to Elder Oaks to baptize every week. I realllllly hope like Job and Abraham we have endured in the patience and I've learned what the Lord wanted me to learn so he can fulfill his promise he has sworn to give Hebreos 16 o 17.. and we can start baptizing. And like Job, he had to go through a trial of patience really long, but after, he was blessed in extreme. I really enjoy Sundays now. We go home right after church to pull out numbers from the zone and then we have to wait until the assistants call so I can pass on the numbers. It takes about 3 or 4 hours, extensive talking and such, but after, while I'm waiting, I use it to study for an hour or two. I've started to realize a lot of things...
Blanca was gonna get baptized, but her husband said no, but it's like I just said, a trial of the faith. But she's gonna get baptized this weekend, especially if she uses the Lord's help. Julio is super strong in the gospel, still weak in some areas, that he thinks more gospels written by tomas and stuff are found, but he is really strong. I'm really grateful the Lord reserved him for me and Anderson. Hes a good friend too. His grandma baked me the chocolate cake with the HUGE and only candle in the house haha. I love her. Grandmas are the best. they love anyone.
We had a few people in the church, and Gabriella and Luis the young couple are progressing. It was funny, as soon as I got done studying hope and patience, the thought came into my head telling me that they are gonna stop progressing, and that my talk I gave in church on baptism scared them, or they are not gonna want anything anymore... I thought to myself, is this true? or isn't it funny that it just barely came into my head, trying my patience haha. I said a prayer and forgot about it. The Lord can do miracles, so why should I worry? Man. I sure hope they get baptized. They are super cool people. Young, with two kids, but it seems like they have things figured out right at an early age. I pray that they can get baptized the 13 of April.
Another woman and her two kids came, Mirta and Alex su hijo. Another little miracle happened, and her mom, Inactive since little, that was going to go to puebla, stayed home so Mirta and Alex could go. She wants to have a good foundation for her kids. That was cool her mom stayed home and sacrificed that for her. Perla, the mom, wants to come back too, but is staying in the family business that only sells on and Saturday and Sunday for her daughter. They are training another woman so they can both come.
One cool moment, we entered a house where there was a sick aunt of the family on her last breaths. The family let us three in, and we asked if they would like us to give her a blessing. They said yes, so we entered the humble house of wood and a dirt floor to where the woman was. The whole extended family was there, and mainly catholics I think, but we gave her a blessing, then I asked if we could say a prayer before leaving. They agreed and we all kneeled down, about 25 of us, and I said a prayer blessing the house, the family, and the aunt. It was a really cool moment. It was the first time I've done something like that. I felt a little closer to Christ in that moment when he kneeled with the Nephites and prayed with them. Just something special in la mision.
Well, that ends this weeks epistle. It was a fast week, but a good week. Had a good time in Veracruz learning from Presidente and la Hermana Treviño as a LZ. I really do love that. I learn a lot.
My letter was a bit more organized this week haha

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