Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014 (Week 91)

May 12, 2014

Man... I'm full. La princesita was soooo big hahah.

I think I ate about 1.3 out of 1.6 kilos. That's a good chunk of meat, bacon, cheese, and grease. hahaha. They wouldn't let me use water, and the burger was super hot. Man. That sucks. Everyone in the whole restaurant was watching. But boy, I sure gave it my best shot. They put on a few songs to cheer me on. Normally it was soft music, like a restaurant grill house, but then they put on:
Eye of the Tiger
Final Countdown
Rocky Theme Song.
Haha. It was so funny. I don't know if it was a sin to listen to the songs but they sure motivated me to finish as much as I could and not give up! The whole restaurant was laughing. Not too often you get a white guy eating a Princesita singing along to Eye of the Tiger while shoving bite after bite in his mouth. hahahahaha.
Anyway, yeah it was fun talking to you all. I was in a funk last night and this morning. It wasn't you guys, but man. home was the last thing I wanted to think about after 21 months. It's getting harder and harder, and going faster and faster, and this is the moment when you slow down or speed up. and seeing home just about put me over. It took a few hours to refocus. but, other than that, it was fun. I'm still focused. Not gonna die! I'm gonna get translated haha.
Well, just one spiritual thought, for 20 months here I've been kind of reluctant to admit I've been a member all my life, because I've always felt that they are just gonna say "you've never known anything else", "you're the same", "your parents brainwashed ya", etc. But when we were teaching an investigadora, Gladys, she's pretty poor and has 2 little kids. She asked me if I was member all my life, and I thought about it. The spirit told me something: "of course you have, and aren't you glad?" Your great great grandfather wasn't a member, and he joined the church (it was him right? I actually am not quite sure. I imagine it was him, but I could be wrong), and came over here, and thanks to one family member, I've now been born with all the blessings. Many generations have been and will be blessed for one man. It was like President Eyerings talk. But yeah. I told her to read the book so that she could find the truth, and bless her future generations and not listen to her mom, who wants her to stay in the Catholic faith...
But yeah, we haven't had a whole lot of time to work in the area. Lots of stuff to do, and now we gotta find a baptism for this weekend! bautizar cada semana [baptize every week]!
Love you all, have a great week, study charity. Report back to me! It's a great topic, and one of VERY high importance if we are to be saved...
Elder Mortensen

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