Monday, May 12, 2014

May 5, 2014 (Week 90)

May 5, 2014

This week sure went by fast. no me diga. [don't tell me]
We ended up going back with Arcelia and guess what? True to the blessing I pronounced, she left in exactly a week, and her doctor is stunned. We taught her the first lesson, God, prophets, Church of Jesus Christ and his ministry, the apostasy, and the restoration of the gospel, and with it, the authority and priesthood, up to the Book of Mormon. I bore testimony of Joseph Smith and how the priesthood has been restored and she whispered: "I do too." We paused and I said.. "How do you know?" and she realized what God had done and how he had done it. Talk about miracles. Wow. Her family is shocked. She couldn't come to church this week because they took out her staples Saturday, but she will be full ready to come with the family this weekend. YES. So happy.
We are also teaching a woman called Aracely. She has one kid of 3, and when we taught the restoration she got excited too and told us she was gonna come to church. She came and was super happy when she left the baptism. Her son loved playing around, and she really liked it. We just gotta get her married.
That's right, another miracle baptism. Belen, like I told you the last week, was a referral of another member, our Lider Misional [Ward Mission Leader]. She and her mom started having a lot of struggles, with her mom, (ex Mormon, now Jehovas Witness) who just jumped right into Satans hands to be a thorn and a stumbling stone, (it's funny how much people hate the church after they get baptized. The worst enemies of the church are ex-members, just goes to show the scriptures are true, but ay ay de aquellos [those], 2 nefi 31:14. Better for them to not have me known. or something like that.) But just as their faith was tried, they held on hoping and came to church. I had the privilege to baptize her. It was super cool. For being inactive for so many years and for never letting misioneros or members in her house, she sure let us in with arms wide open. I guess the Lord has his ways and his times, and this weekend was definitely hers. Another little blessing, her school got changed, precisely this week, from Saturday and Sunday, to Tuesday and Friday. She's gonna be able to go to church every week now. I don't think they are gonna go inactive any time soon. Wow. So amazing. felt great to get in the water again, I'll tell you that much. I might have 29 children, just to baptize 29 more times hahahahahaha.
Ana is a 12 year old girl, niece of a recent convert with cancer. He wasn't able to go for 2 weeks, so he didn't take her. We went Friday, and gave him another blessing, and he got miraculously cured of the stomach problems and what not he had going on extra that didn't let him go to church, and he brought Ana, and he said, we are tired of waiting for her dad to call, (waiting for about a month or two for him to call to give permission so she could get baptized, hes military and doesn't really care about her anyways. he hardly stays in contact) so they came and said, I'm gonna sign, she's getting baptized this weekend. WOOOO! Our prayers and fasts were answered. The assistants talked to her in church, so they thought they were gonna steal her from us, (they hardly work, I don't know for laziness or if they REALLY have sooo much to do in the offices) but we said.. "umm... no. She's our investigator. Find your own! tristes [sad] asistentes jaja.... but we are gonna have that happen this week. I'm so happy. We are starting to see that grace combined with the faith, really does make miracles. Just gotta stay humble or I wont have any access to his grace or help. I'm stoked. Ive got a goal for baptisms before i come home. I sure hope I reach it. I've gotta find those people waiting.
We have met a few people that just open up so easily. "I'm 29, I've got nothing to do with my life", "I can't finish school or stay in a job", "I've sinned", "Christ doesn't love me", "I'm scared of God", "I don't think I can be forgiven", "I started drinking", "I don't even know why", and yeah. Me and Elder Shearer were like... umm... Plan of Salvation I think would work for him.... haha.
It's been a great, but a busy week. I hardly have time to sit down. Even my dreams are about investigators and Paul and Peter in Acts and what not. My brain is straight fried but I love it.
Until next week, Captain America signs off.
Elder Mortensen

And mom, I sure do love you, I won't be there to make you breakfast, but know I love you and I can't wait to see you Sunday :)

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