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July 21, 2014 (Week 101)

July 21, 2014

Well... I officially got my flight plans. If that doesn't make life hard I don't know what will. But it's cool. I hardly think about home or dream about being lazy. Too busy here to think about that now. But the crappy part is, now I'm putting baptismal dates for the 24th. I'll be home. Oh well, They're not my converts, they are the Lords. Just gotta keep workin! Nice to say I had a small part in their conversion or at least I found them! That will still be a nice touch in heaven. "Hey! You found me! Thanks!" "Haha. De nada!" But I did walk through the soda aisle today in the grocery store and realized in 4 weeks Mountain Dew will be in that aisle... I almost cried. Hadn't thought about Mountain Dew for a bit. I was starting to become unaddicted! ni modos [it can't be helped].... haha.

this week we bat-proofed the (house) bat cave. It would have been cool, but he kept leaving half eaten fruit and other surprises. We had to kick him out. So now its just the cave. hahaha.

Also, we were able to help Kiany get to the waters of baptism. That was cool. Quite the struggle, but at the end, the family all came together and came to church. Lots of little problems, but the Lord fixed everything up real nice. Wayyyy better this Sunday than the last. Poor Aracely . It was one of the worst services. I really went hard on the ward mission leader this week, and we got everything ready fast and concise and it was a lot better! Boy does it feel good to be in the water. Baptisms are so powerful if they are done with the right attitude. There are too many people that just blow through the prayer and dunk the person and get dried off. Yo gotta be smooooth and tranquilo haha... But yeah, it was a pretty cool baptism. Well attended. 

This week, we have a miracle. He's Jose Luis, a friend of a member. He was gonna get baptized in Cancun, but was a little too rebellious, and needed some more repentance time. His 84 year old mother keeps him in check now... but she doesn't even know. She prohibits friendships with anyone that's not of the Catholic church. Pretty funny, a 55 year-old guy still scared of his mother hahaha. Riley, that's why you gotta move out... I'm seeing something similar in your future....  hahaha. He's there to take care of her though, so I guess it's not as bad. but still funny. I really hope he passes his interview this time. He's gold. He reads everything we give him and understands it. I've actually been able to use the scriptures with him! Man, some people if you read the whole verse they just zone out haha. Pretty funny how things change.

We did divisions with Elder Cerna this week. That was fun. He's a good missionary. Better than in Mendoza. It's cool to see him change in his teaching. He noticed I never use my triple. Just the simple Book of Mormon. I basically carried the triple in my hand in Mendoza. I told him of the sacrifice I made to be in Mendoza. Five months without tacos was a long time, haha, so we bought 20 and went home and ate. Man they are too good down here in Tuxtepec.

It's the famed Canicula (40 hottest days of the year). Not gonna lie, when I get home at night my black pants are white from so much sweat. It's pretty bad haha. I'm ready for the dry heat again! But we are workin hard.

We have had a few struggles with the families, at least with helping Heliberto get a testimony of the Libro de Mormon. He goes to a little church but wants to find the truth, and always prays to find the path... Just ask if the book is true!!! He came to church because I called him, He was about to go to his little church again. His pastor showed up early Sunday. Man. Satan can play chess just fine. Good thing God already knows what his moves are though haha. But man, that happens like 4 times a Sunday that someone shows up Sunday morning and says "YOU'RE not gonna go to church. I'm hungry, and  YOU'RE gonna make me food. or you're gonna go with them Mormons? I don't think so." But Heliberto came. My last hope for the mission is to baptize that family. I love them. They could get baptized the 17th... I'm hoping we can help them...

That's a funny story, and you might think that me saying I hope WE can help them would be focusing on my own strength, but really, it depends. I've been studying a lot on the Atonement and the way prophets have plead in the past for help. Just like it says in 2 nefi 2, there are things to act, and things to be acted upon. we have been given that ability to act. Why should we pray for God to act upon us? We should pray like Alma and Nefi, to be given the strength to ACT. Elder Bednar did a FANTASTIC job of teaching that principle in his talk in April. Man, I love that talk. So instead of praying relentlessly for God to change our situation, we should pray so he gives us the resources to act. God will very rarely do something for us we can do for ourselves, and that's what the atonement does, is it gives us the resources and strength and ability to act and change our circumstances. Really changes the way we pray...something to think about.

Well, I'll see you all the 20th. man. That's too close... 7:10. ay caray. 

See you all later.

Elder Mortensen.

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