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December 10, 2012 (Week 17)

December 10, 2012

Interesting week, the temple and migracion and photos and just fun stuff. Lots of highs, lots of lows. It's been a pretty good week so far. Getting close to the four month mark. man. Mind just went blank.. The temple was great though. I think I failed the session thats for sure. And our president had all of the temple workers kick us out after a 3 minute prayer.. I was upset about that. We only get to go once a year and I got to spend 3 minutes with my Heavenly Father. The thing we did after made me even more upset that we couldn't stay longer. We went and ate pretty fast and then sat in the mission conference for 3.5 hours in a hot chapel with our suit coats with no break. During 6 speakers talking about who knows what. Everyone was a dissapointed in President Trevino for doing that to us when last year they were in the celestial room for 45 to an hour. During the mission conference I played the 3 hymns, that was a cool little deal. Got my name in the program. I screwed up an entire line of one of the hyms and we didn't have music, but I redeemed myself with the mission hymn, number 208 in the spanish. cool stuff. Took a picture in front of the temple before the mission presidency told us we had to leave and started ushering us away from the temple within 2 minutes. Felt like I was in jail. Sheesh. It felt like to me they focused too much on the wrong things. The area presidency said that in all of mexico the mission can't be together ever so that was a big dissapointment. Man. I love the mish, but I don't know what the leadership is doing. They come out with new rules every week. Like only baptize certain hours on Sundays, you can't eat with anyone except for your 2 o'clock appointment, and other rules they are just throwing out. It's the pharasees all over again. Focusing on the rule of the law instead of what's important about the law. Castaneñeda says that before president Trevino they baptized like crazy but with him every email in font size 72 says BAPTIZE CADA SEMANA!!! and then gets very upset when we don't have anyone for the weekend. Like we had Hector and Susi and Joshua, but Susi is still with her mom, so of course Hector won't get baptized cause he isn't married. Joshua and his dad want to wait for the others, and I feel like President Treviño would want us to tell them that they should be baptized this weekend just becuase he wants a bautizona or bautimission. I don't like it. We did go back the next day to take a picture with the whole mission in front of the temple, so I finally saw Elder Smith, but the nazis came back out and hurried everyone out and away within 2 mintues. I don't know. Oh well.

The holiday Virgin de Guadalupe is this week I think the 15, so everyone is cleaning these small houses with the Virgin inside to worship her. We even saw a procession of 13 old women walking down the street chanting things while the front lady held this huge virgin de Guadalupe... I thought it was interesting to think that the Catholics worship these virgins and statues and crusifixes when the 10 commandments say no idols... Guess that's just another reason why this church is the true church.. Los testigos de Jehova are everywhere and love to bible bash, but my comp knows the Bible in and out and shows me scriptures from the most used Bible in the world that completely destroy every phamphlet they give us... Weird religion too. They hate Christmas and they are pulling their kids out of the schools because they say the Mexican Anthem and have the flag. Sounds like America.But yeah. Hate birthdays, and Christmas, and they don't understand that Jehova is Jesus Christ... oh well haha.

Dad shoot Dave a text and tell him that I've been eating tacos al pastor like nobody's business and they are great. Look for a little taco stand that sells them. So good. Meat thats coated in a red sauce. Delicious.

Oh yeah. at a members house they were watching A Knights Tale in english. I almost died haha i even got to see my favorite line. Yeah, the Pope is French, but Jesus was English. You're on! so great.

Well, we had the ZL Elder Garcia over for a night on Friday and Saturday before he "dies" tomorrow and goes to his house. it was good, we were good friends, but then he lost it. He kept saying oh I don't care. I'm leaving. All the time, and kept demanding I sell my scripture cases to him.. he loves em, but I need em. He ordered an expensive pizza at 10:45 at night, and we didn't get to bed until 12:30. Turn off the lights nino! he said about 5 times while I cleaned up his mess. That night him and Elder Castañeda were goofing off and he was trying to get Garcia off his bunk bed, but then E. Castañeda came flying off and landed on my desk, smashing papers, shoes, and my stuff went everywhere. He smiled and said he was fine, it was how he got Elder Garcia to leave. I was upset when he laid there on my stuff groaning for 4 more minutes. Garcia knocked my camera off the table when he left and boy I just about lost it. He took my blanket and my shorts and slept on the couch. Woke up, he interrupted all of my studies with his talking and tapping, and stole both of the apples I washed. and then when it was time to leave, he took my nice shoe brush to polish the oil and tried to get the mud and dirt off his shoes. I said absolutely not and took it. Told him no, grabbed my money he tried to take out of my hands and he left. 5 minutes later, runs into my room and grabs my brush. I try and get it from him, but he grinds it on the floor, his shoes, and his hands before throwing it and leaving. He came back in and mocked me saying look how nice and shiny my shoes are. Instead of socking him right in the face, I held back my anger and words and just spit a nice loogie right on his shoe. He was stunned and tried to wipe them on my pants, but I pushed him away. He said it again about 5 minutes later look how shiny my shoes look look and I spat another one. I didn't even care one bit. He seriously acted like a 5 year old the whole day and night and I was tired of it. Very exhausted the whole day after. Learned I need to keep my stuff more protected and put away.. But yeah. E. Castañeda is "dying" fast even though he has 2 more months. He doesn't want to do anything. Oh well. Gotta go. Love you all, Love the Lord. and bueno suerte for one more week! Les amo, Elder Mortensen.

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