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December 3, 2012 (Week 16)

December 3, 2012

I don't think you can baptize a bird
Well... the list today is long so pay attention!

As for the food this week, definately something to write about. Words you wont hear mentioned:

I had the most delicious meal at the Guazozon family this week for lunch. EmpaƱadas. So good. There was one extra but I got greedy and left it so she would fill my plate with some more and then I'd throw the extra on.. She said want more? both said yes! She took my empaƱada, and brought out meat, and rice. I poked it and it was straight fat and skin and hair. I dont know if it beats hairy chicken, but does it count if the hair is still attached? I choked it down with tortillas and rice and really hot salsa, my comp played with it and fed it to the dogs. He told me in english that the sauce is really hot and bad for your stomach... Great. I also hate nothing more than animal fat and I want to throw up and gag when it is in my mouth. I literally was turning my head away, gagging and practically throwing up and crying. After, my comp told me what it was and the fact it was the most disgusting meal of his mission... Pig feet. Yup. Pig feet. With the hair and fat. Hna. Guazozon was so close to having the title of best meal of the mission until that error. hahah I also willingly ate a chicken foot. Pretty tasteless and bony things.

I ate at this rather large womans house that doesn't clean. She handed me a bowl and it had a maggot in it. I didnt say anything, but just scooped it out and threw in some chicken. 10 minutes later, 2 more maggots are in my bowl. (I've also had 3 mandarines infested during my time here. Comp, none) But yeah. comp told the hna who brought me a new bowl, but then said oh he is disgusted and doesn't want to eat. Not wanting to be a Nancy and throw a fit, I said noooo... I'm fine. And put in some more chicken even though I was full. That was gross.

Mexicans are tone deaf. Bad. I literally beg to play the piano in our miserable ward. But they take the cord every week because the kids play with it? I don't know. But I'm going to buy one I think to practice before District meeting.

While walking on the railroad tracks to the Guazozons, we came across a Horse head. Completely severed and laying there. That was interesting. Talked to a worker Comp knows and he said the horse got basically obliterated. There were too many people or I'd take a picture. Sorry mom. I know you wanted to see!

I think they give us ensigns here mom, so hold up on the sending more! I'm sure its a lot of money and I don't want you to spend a fortune! I'm fairly certain they get here, just a few weeks late :)

As for the letters, they help a lot. Keep them coming. Mom and Dad, thanks for the letters. Especially dad. Thank you. I'll have that letter the rest of my life. The white package made it safe too.
Mexicans still ramble on in sacrament, so I didn't escape that. But they can also talk for 2 hours even if you don't say a word. I might try sleeping during those sessions and see if they even notice jajajaja probably not. They say: Me intiendes? Which is understand me? And keep going without a break haha.
I want a turtle. They are about the size of a can of soda and they are 35 pesos hahaha just like dads rat. Really easy to take care of. They just sit in a bowl and swim around haha. Maybe I'll bring one home.

I hear about 3 to 4 crossing the border stories every day. That's a bit funny. They talk about the desert and how hard it is. I think about how funny it is to be on the other side of the border now...
Thats it I think.
Oh. pay attention to the word Nevertheless in the scriptures. Thats my favorite word. Its usually a problem, and then a blessing after. Like you might sin, but nevertheless, the arms of Christ are forever extended in mercy towards you. Fantastic palabra. (word) pay attention to that!

Future Missionary!
As for this week, its been a little hard. I haven't had too much energy because something always keeps us from getting to bed by 10:30 so I'm always tired and Sunday I think it got to me. I started thinking about the past life and for some reason the thought of you should go home wouldn't leave my mind. Constantly on my mind for 6 hours. It made me sick and no matter what I did it didn't leave. Until after church we passed an old lady moving dirt and offered to help. She accepted and told us another day because our clothes were going to get dirty. I said, doesn't matter! and started shoveling. I found that's why I love mindless heavy labor. I don't have to think. It's great. I just focused on where she wanted the dirt and how I was gonna get it there. Didn't think anymore about going home. After we talked to the family and got to know them, and just had a little fun. Had some more fun throwing rocks at bottles at Hno Carlos house with his nephew in laws or something. Picture of one of them that has my badge and backpack. But then this morning I finally opened the decoration letter and saw all of the little notes. Tell everyone that that was one of the greatest presents I've ever received. That helped so much and I'm very very grateful. Literally a highlight of the mission. So yeah. Tell everyone thanks for me!!
So we have been talking to this Jorge and Mary and her daughter Mari Cruz that we came across at a house that used to be the home of an inactive. He knew the BoM was true after reading the introduction and Mari took a little more work but they are both great people. Mari Cruz wants a husband for her 2 year old daughter so she is always off doing who knows what. Nice lady. Funny little daughter. Hanna. or hanita. They are both out of work and work at the little vet shop they have set up at their house. Not married, but thinking about getting married after we told them they needed it for baptism. Find out tonight. But yeah. Jorge was being a loser the last time and really childish. The questions we asked got answers like course. How not? come on Jorge. But Mari is really thinking about it. Really great people and I love watching the stupid boa not eat the rat they put in the cage. We spent 15 minutes before we knew it staring at the rat. hahaha. But yeah. Pictures to follow.

Not sure what else, Temple this week and some other conference. Not sure if its the whole mission. Going to be upset if me and Elder Boyd dont get to see Elder Smith. We saw Elder Merrill at the security conference where they told us what to do if we get robbed or kidnapped. Arms in the air screaming SOY MISIONERO SOY MISIONERO jajaja but yeah. Elder Smith is the only one missing so far. But temple will be cool. Man. Love you all. Getting close to skype time!!! Christmas is here finally.

Not sure what else there is... Oh yeah. Just ate at a buffet of Chinese food. 5 to 6 plates of panda express for 7 bucks. So worth it hahahaha.

Les Amo, De Elder Mortensen

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