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November 19, 2012 (Week 14)

November 19, 2012

Bienvenido a esta semana correo! basically hi. and welcome to this weeks episode of: MISSION DRAMA

Halloween was pretty lame here. A few altars and a handful of trick or treaters. not much of a holiday. In the main city lots of visiting graves.

I handled a boa! that was fun. Pictures in the USB. the guy that owns it is a boxer, 30 years old and retired. Watched a short clip of him knocking a guy out haha they are inactive. Saw his wife at the store today, set up another date to visit them! that was good luck from Dios.


We had a dog follow us for a good 20 minutes, picture on the USB. my comp bought 7 hotdogs and gave them to the dog, but it sniffed them, and left em hahaha i laughed so hard and my comp muttered freaking dog... for the night.

they love tazos here. Google em. are they like pogs?

Think thats it. So we had a blancistrito this week. Blancizona too. well close. only one companionship baptized this week out of the zone. ZLs got GRILLED by the pres. I dont know why we dont baptize every week. Its a promise from the mission pres... Our investigators we had set for baptism this past sunday, well.. the 9 year old his dad sent him out of town for the weekend. convient... he doesnt trust god. Thinks that god told him not to go back to church by not answering his prayer. Oh well. Braulio next week! Daniel, 30 years old, played with dark magic, and lives with his mom and sister that hate us. He backed out the night before. I dont feel right about it he says.. We said, do it or dont. he mumbled for 4 minutes then my comp said, well, we will be at the church if you like to come back. every sunday waiting for you. We ran into him so many times and stood unknowingly at his house for 4 minutes trying to tract. i thought with that many run ins he was chosen by heavenly father to be in our path. Maybe i was supposed to learn another lesson. E. Boyd y Fuentes had a family not show up the day of and werent home. Bummer. I know why we arent having success though. My comp doesnt care to. for whatever reason, he still has 3 months and all he talks about it home. more on that later.

Wards, well ours is absolutely miserable. One family with a few investigators (relatives) that live with them literally increased our ward size of 24 to 32 when they showed up at few minutes late. They are progressing so well and i love em. Hector and Susi are wanting a better life for their family, but arent married. Thats a huge problem here. They either have to separate, wait a year, or get married, but it costs some good money. Thats always a hard thing. So if i start pulling off money, its so people can get married haha id love to spend it on that. The 2nd counselor is a great man. Him and Hna Julia do so much for us. Best unmarried couple youll find! haha alsways references for us. Oh yeah. mission rule: cant tract or contact people... solo referencias. freak...

Read Hebrews 13:1 hahahaha family!

My comp... He likes to throw lit matches at me while walking and he melted my tie but wont say sorry because he doesnt think he did anything wrong, He tells me what to study, and that i cant study D and C next, and i need to study the New Testament. He tells me he is thinking a lot about his house and tells me everyday what hes going to do and buy when he gets home. Doesnt want to train me, hes told that to a few members. He says, yeah he is my 5 kid and i didnt want to train anymore but i have him, but i dont want to train. He sprayed diesel gas in our apartment 3 hours before we had to leave and i about died from the fumes. He is so scared of the fleas its almost comical. But he is going way overboard on the chemicals. Im always wrong, and he loves to throw me under the bus when i am wrong too. I could go on, but thats not the point. The point is that i have 6 more weeks and i want to be in another area with a companion that wants to work. I got mad and we started fighting when i told him no more cheerios at the study table and especially not during my prayer. So loud. He got pissed and started explainging the electrical bill. He finally said we are going to be obedient and i said i finally have a trainer. Low blow but it got what i wanted finally. Its already starting to wear off. Freaking roller coaster with this guy. THe mexicans dont care what us gringos have to say. The missionary mexicans. I love the people. No clue waht to do. But dont worry about me. Im doing fine, i get humbled everyday by some of these people and all i want to say is enjoy what you have. I wish everyone could see this. Showers, carpet, yards, everything. Just enjoy it for me! :)

We activated the family Uscanga. Let me know how many pictures you get each week so i know if i can delete them! Love you all. Stay strong and know i cant wait for christmas to talk to you all!!! Love, Elder Mortensen.

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