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November 26, 2012 (Week 15)

November 26, 2012

 Glad Thanksgiving was good for you all. I had thanksgiving too. It wasn't the thanksgiving I necessarily thought I wanted, but it sure was what I needed. The lunch was awful, so I was pretty bummed, but we went to the Guazozons house to teach that night at 8 in the poor part of town, and they live with a bunch of cousins and stuff that work with them to build the concrete houses. He said he has a job for me in 2 years :) but yeah, Hector and Susi are their in-laws or something but there were 14 of us with the old Abuelo and the family group and we had tacos and rice, and I realized how big of a blessing that was. I thanked the wife after for giving me a great thanksgiving! I had Thankgiving dinner with my adopted Mexican family I love so much. So that was good. Buen Fin, or Black Friday isn't as big here, just a big sale weekend. I didn't get to shop, since I'm dirt poor and don't want to use my American money too much haha. Need to do better with the Money this month! 1500 pesos isn't a whole lot when its 13 pesos for a dollar haha. Hector and Susy are going to get married this week, we are giving them about 200 pesos each to help and my comp and Elder Garcia (Mexicans) got to be witnesses. Joshua, the head honchos son is 9 and going to get baptized this Saturday by his Dad who just got cleared by the Bishop. I will probably get to baptize!! Joshua is going to be with Hector and Susi. H and S are amazing. They have a 3 year old daughter and a 1 month old, who loves to get breast fed every time we are there it seems like... Thats a little weird but I'm over it. Just keep on teaching and make eye contact with other people.. hahahaha. They only want a better life for their family, and now that we have reactivated the Guazozon family, they see the benefits of the Gospel and want in. They are what we call the Chosen people. It's amazing. I see a miracle with them, and I see miracles every day. It's incredible. Can't wait for Saturday!!! I'll get some pictures of them and send it home. Man. I love them. Even if it costs 16 pesos to get there and back everytime, I want to go. The lady of the house already has a Stake Calling and the other brother Enrique got a Ward Secretary already!

So me and the comp... are like best friends. I wish I could tell you what happened but I don't even know. One night we are joking about La roca! or brawlio the 9 year old with the dad that doesn't want to come back, the rock, because he is as dumb as one. Literally. Brawlio! Who is JesuCristo? Uh.... God. no... Joseph Smith translated the Gold Plates into the Libro de Mormon. Who translated the BoM? The gospel! No Brawlio... hahah but yeah. We joke about him, we joke about the lady that lived in a tin shack and told us she was ´busy´as she furiously picked her nose in front of us... haha not gonna see her again... but yeah. We laugh for a half hour every night. Transfers were this weekend and I was actually worried we were gonna get split up. I was praying for 3 days that wasn't going to be the case. Especially because I sent an email to the pres about our problems. I was so relieved when my prayers were answered and I wasn't the cause of a split. I was worried, but I have another transfer with him and I'm glad. We work hard, and I relaxed a little. The stress was getting to me, and I realized that I was a robot. I talked with some other guys who had problems with comps and it's the same. They were stressed and got mad when they woke up late, or got home late. But I asked what other disobedient missionaries do, and he said he has seen misisonarys not work for more than 3 hours, play xbox at their house, watch movies, and listen to world music and such. I relaxed a little on that because some days we get back late from appointments and dont get to bed by 10:30, but I realized its OK. as long as I'm trying. but yeah. We joke together and just have a good time, and work hard. We are having more success than a lot of people now and I don't even know what clicked! Something. But don't worry, I'm still going to be obedient to everything. Just not going to flip out when we sleep in on accident.

We baptized brawlio Sunday and it was good. He is still as dumb as a rock and his sister is too. Comp talked with the Dad, Carlos, on Friday and Saturday he said he was going to change and get the priesthood in 3 months to baptize his son. but then brawlio said.. no I dont want you to baptize me, I want E. Castaneda! Fuuuuuuuuudggee.... I felt really bad for the dad, but sunday, Carlos came to the church, but drove off saying he didn't want to go and had ´things to do´ don't feel bad that E. Castañeda baptized him anymore. He went to the Baptism though, and I hope it changes him.

As for other things, I love the Book of Mormon. It is my best friend and I hate when personal study is over. I can't believe I wasted so many nights without praying and reading at home. I think frequently about my life before and I am so glad I came on a mission. It was by far the best and most correct choice I ever made. I wasn't a bad person or anything, but I wasn't doing anything to get closer to my Father in Heaven and I wasn't happy. I was, but not the happy I wanted. I now have joy. And I love reading the Book of Mormon. I get so much revelation every day about the character of Christ and God, and revelation for my own life. It's incredible. Man. I love putting on this black tag that says Elder Mortensen. Because Conner Mortensen just isn't the person I wanted to be right now, and when I go back to being Conner I'm going to be a different Conner. Conner 2.0 you could say haha. Man. I want you and Mom and Brad and Shay to go to the Temple this weekend and just sit in the Celestial Room together for a while and just think. Can you four do that for me? Garrett and Ri, you guys drive separate and do baptisms. Just thing about things amiss in your life and I promise you will receive revelation. Garrett and Ri and Family, study the Book of Mormon. STUDY not just read. Personally, and Family. When you do personal, sit at your desk or the counter with pens and markers. I can't tell you the difference it makes sitting up at the table after saying a short prayer and reading the words and writing little sentences in the margin of revelation. Its incredible. ¿Salé? haha a saying here meaning Alright? Or another, Haz lo. means Do it. haha
Oh by the way, who sent the gummy bears? I love em. haha thanks :)

Gotta go! Love you all and youre always in my prayers! Good luck with everything.
Les amo! Mas que pueden ustedes imaginar. Pienso sobre ustedes cada día. Elder Mortensen.

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