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February 11, 2013 (Week 26)

February 11, 2013

What have we done this week... We lost all our investigators except for a few, got on top of a huge apartment building, survived Carnival, and cut down a mango tree with a machete from 45 feet up and saw some ruins and ate good food and climbed trees.
To be honest, since we didn't have a baptism, today was the highlight of my time in Mexico. As far as fun goes, we woke up at 6, started the wash at Hermano Guevarras house, helped him put up a showboard in his store downtown. You wouldn't believe how many staggering borrachos there were. Drunks. haha But we drove past all the floats. A lot of 'em were super detailed. Cooler than the Magna parade. We missed the parades, probably best. Two gringos would have gotten jumped and stabbed. We saw 4 teens running after a gay guy this morning. We went back into the shop.... but yeah. the floats were cool. Not too much excitement from Carnival, just a lot of drunks and signs and talk. But if you stay away from it there's not really too much harm to the area. We wonder why the President didn't take us out of the area like the last comps here in Febrero. Anyways, after that we went over to the Famila Guzman to help clean up some huge mango trees and leaves. They are an amazing convert family from 1 yeah ago. They lost everything, jobs, cars, houses, and everything to a cousin that scammed them. They came to Veracruz to house sit for a family relative because they had nothing. The missionaries came the next week. Really strong family. Just shows God will prepare people to receive you. I hope I don't find too many families like that. They really got humbled hard... I think the hermano is still bitter. They had it all.

But anyways, we went over to help them. He said, "cut off those branches up there." I said, "where?" He said, "take this weak ladder and this dull machete and chop em off." Knowing myself, I was pretty stoked. I threw it up there, and climbed 5 feet up and started hacking away. too much fun. but then we decided to get off the ladder, and climb even higher... that was fun too. We got up probably 40 - 45 feet. hahah. Hacking away at branches in a swaying tree on 4 inch branch stubs is the funnest I've had in a long time. We got out of there within 3 hours, and went back with the hermano Guevarra and his family. They took us to Cardell, to another spot 45 minutes, or an hour and a half with how they drive. worse than mom... haha... Ate at a small restaurant, they bought us a nice American breakfast. over easy eggs, bacon, sausage, and hashbrowns. I was stoked. Went to these ruins and climbed on some huge trees and some old pyramid looking things. Too much fun. We climbed this one pyramid from the back... hahah like 35 feet up. We didn't see the chains and signs saying no te subas (don't climb), until after. Mom, sorry. Well, not really. It was sick haha. We did that, drove a few more miles, and came to the spot where Hernan Cortes built his first house and the first Catholic chapel in Veracruz. That was way cool. 100 meter bridge over a beautiful river the bridge swayed pretty good. Too much fun. All in all, I got out of the area, climbed some trees, and had some fun. The ruins were sweet, and just a whole ton of things were good. We've been moving all day today, and got to write late. Hope the President doesn't get mad. Anyways, I'll send some fotos. I've got a ton from today.  Not a whole lot else happened. I'm sure I'll think of stuff right after I sign out. but until next time, hasta luego, cuidense, y paz fuera. nos vemos.

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