Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013 (Week 41)

May 27, 2013

It's hot. and I'm burning down here, haha. I start sweating at 8:30 in the morning, and I got a new nickname. Dinner plates. That means that I sweat so bad I've got dinner plates under my arms, hahahaha!
But, a semi positive, is that it's rainy season. That means it pours every night literally pours buckets on the tin roof, wakes me up cause it sounds like a machine gun in my ear, and then stops, and the next day, the streets are a foot of mud. It's interesting.
"Hey Elder. Wasn't that river a street yesterday?"
"Huh. Come to think of it... yeah."
But anyways, we get stuck in mud haha. My church shoes plowed through it like a champ though haha. 
The house is good. Mostly waterproof, the only weakness is not having windows hahaha. But I forgot to tell you guys. The water here is pumped from the Popomuluopan River, and they shut it off at 9:45 every night. It's interesting to shower in dirty river water! To beat the cutoff is different every night too.
This letter is like random thoughts. I'm sorry if I'm confusing anyone. I don't think it even starts right in my brain. 
We were going to baptize this kid Johnny. He's like Matt Hudspeth status. 12 and HUGE. We tried to baptize him, but he got scared and wouldn't put his head in. After the second try he got freaked out, took off the overall, put on his shoes and bounced. We are going to give it another shot tonight... haha. He likes kicking bullfrogs, too. Gave one about 8 inches wide a boot about 30 feet.. weird cat. Still hoping to abduct Giermina and Carlitos....
Me and Elder Mendez put a bet on who could finish the Libro de Mormon first a few nights ago. We stayed up late, he passed out, and I read till five am. Bad idea. We put up super high stakes, so it was worth it. We ended up calling it quits cause it ended up being a speed read competition. The first, and only, all nighter of the mission. Boy was I tired...
Its funny. I really love this area. More than any other area. I've actually thought about moving down here. Me and Elder Mendez are actually scared to go back to the USA. It's weird. I like the people, the attitude, the music, the food. Basically life as it was is dead... I don't really think I even want to go back up north. I like it down here. It helps they love soccer.
Last night was the final between Cruz Azul and Club America. Basically the Super Bowl down here. The only difference is that it was fútbol. Boy, did I love it. Me and Elder Mendez saw parts at a house we were at, and then after planning stayed up and listened to the either disappointed shouts or the hysterical half crying yells when someone scored. I went out on the porch and started talking to neighbors about what went down. It was funny how everyone is so open down here. I just walked out and yelled "what's the score?" and everyone told me. But Club America won, which is good. I hate Cruz Azul. To celebrate, Me and Elder Mendez spent all our money on Club America jerseys instead of food. Stay tuned for fotos. That might be all you'll ever see of me again ;)
That's all from your favorite 6'2" guero [white/blond boy] Mexican Elder,
Elder Mortensen

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