Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013 (Week 63)

October 28, 2013

Well... you can all call me "papa" now... I'm gonna have a "niño" ["kid"]!!!!
hahahaha I'm training!!!!
Maria.... man.... I can't tell you all haha... She's incredible.
Laura is progressing too. Her testimony is growing faster and faster now.
Mendoza [the city  Conner's in], is huge. I only have one ward, but it's like shoving a footlong subway in your mouth without chewing. It's sooo big and we are still branching out to Acultzingo and Maltrata.
That's cool Boston is 2-2. I walked into a house and they were watching it. I thought. "Hey. my familia is watching the same game right now." Felt pretty close to you all. Then we had to turn it off, haha. Hey, tell me what day game 6 and 7 are gonna be so I can check the paper down here and cut out an article about it to show you all when I get home. I already have a small one, but that'd be cool. EL SERIE MUNDIAL DEL BEISBOL MEDIAS ROJAS 4-2 GANARON!!! [RED SOX WIN WORLD SERIES GAME 4-2!!!]
So I haven't slept good since Thursday. Maria's husband came that day, and we also ended our fast that day. We didn't hear anything from her and she didn't come to church on Sunday. We were worried sick, but kept praying and praying and praying. We said "bye" to people, well, Elder Bixler did, and went to the Familia Huertas house to eat breakfast in the morning. Maria was there, HER HUSBAND FINALLY LEFT. That was a miracle. I couldn't eat. Nobody said anything about baptism. I made it about an hour and couldn't hold it in any longer. 
I blurted out: "How did it go???" 
"Well... we worked on the roof this weekend and fixed a few walls." 
"I don't understand what you want... Let's just read these balloons hung up outside. They all started with stuff like "adios Bixler", "Que Dios te bendiga" ["God Bless"], etc. At the end, the last balloon read: "Bixler, bautizame attn: Yetzabeth" (daughter). Maria and her son Yiossio want me to baptize them. Don't mind if I do!
We were in shock... The dad wanted to talk to his kids first to see why they wanted to get baptized, but he never opened his mouth. Maria took that as a sign, and now they are gonna get baptized tonight at 6!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Man. I've never been so blessed, but I've also never worked so hard or prayed so hard ... I feel like I finally understand what faith is. I think I asked you guys that at the beginning of my mission. I think I know now. But man. you're just gonna have to wait until I get home for the whole story. It's too long and too amazing for email... man.... I don't know. It's been quite the pday. We haven't done anything pdayish all day. Just working like tomorrow never comes. I guess that's what happens when you really lose yourself in the work. Man. It's crazy. I don't even remember what else happened. Seems pretty unimportant. 

I find out who my hijo [Junior] is Tuesday. Gonna be quite the ride... Elder Bixler is going to Villa Rica, close to my first area.
That's all for now. Les quiero mucho. Que les vaya bien. [I love you.  Be well]
Elder Mortensen.
Oh yeah, it's official. I'm Elder Westhoff's only comp that he'll have had for 3 months or 2 whole changes. WOO!! haha. He goes home in December. Crazy huh?...

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