Friday, December 13, 2013

December 2, 2013 (Week 68)

December 2, 2013

Hola familia!

Well... we went on another hike today. Another 8 hours, haha. I'm not gonna tell you all what happened or send home fotos of the hole in my arm haha.... That's a story for when I get home hahaha. But it was superrrrr sweet. We went bounding off and I found me another river to wade in haha. Really beautiful country.
As for la obra misonal [missionary work], Maria and Rosalia are so converted they cry like mom every time the Spirit is present. It's amazing. I'm so happy for them, and they are really happy too. Ruben has never been better and his interview is Wednesday. David is going to get baptized too, and Alicia. WHAT A WEEKEND THIS SHALL BE!!! 
I can't wait to see you all this month. This weekend we are going to the temple so I'll let you all know how that goes.
I did get one package. It got "searched" for drugs, soooo... I already know what you guys gave me for Christmas. hahaha freaking tools opened all the gifts... hahah. Send a list of what is in the two packages... Gracias.
We got kicked out of the house by our crazy owner, but we moved to the next house, and it was super super small... so, we called the troops, said sorry for coming from Mexico City, but we don't want it. We are gonna get rid of our stuff and go back home... The owner repented and kept the rent normally like it is for another 6 months. freak... What a mess! Slept at 2 last night... tired as gale right now hahah....
Love you all, wish I had more time

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