Friday, December 13, 2013

December 9, 2013 (Week 69)

December 9, 2013

Just read Alma 26 for me this week, and you'll be able to feel a small portion of what I'm feeling. Better yet, you'll read what I'm feeling.
David was a man that I contacted while waiting for a bus. I just knew by the way he looked at me I had to contact him. We did, he turned out to be gold. He is already in 2 nefi 20 in 3 weeks. He loves it. Giving us referencias every day of his family. Speaking of which, he brought his wife and two daughters to church, he says they got really excited about baptism and wanted to do it too. Called the President, he said yep, so.... he got baptized with his two daughters, Marisol, y Estrella Rubi.
Alicia is a woman de 25 años that works for a member. She had talked to misioneros before but was a strong catolica and said absolutely no to baptism, but we started up the lessons, taught her with the spirit, and now she's one of the stronger converts I have been blessed with. We are telling her she's going on a mission. She doesn't deny it, and brought 2 friends to church with her haha... She shared her testimony after baptism, and man was it strong.
Ruben, got baptized. I don't even know how to describe the feeling of being in the water... it's incredible.
Went to the temple and loved it. The new video is incredible. It makes me want to watch it in English though. the Spanish voices don't have the same attitude.

Everything is going really, really well down here. Elder Cerna is progressing fast, and loving the mission. I hope he's proud to call me his "papa" unlike my situation with my papa.... I've got news about Castañeda... just know I've had a weird mission, that's all. The Christmas devotional was great. I loved Nelson's talk. It was great. A 70 came to our stake and planched the members a good one for their lazy work. Us missionaries got off scott-free haha. He comes back in January to talk to the misioneros. I won't get too excited yet... haha.
I've got lots of stories for you all, just no time. Let's see how many I can get out on skype. Love you all.
Elder Mortensen

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