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February 17, 2014 (Week 79)

February 17, 2014

I'm so tired of shots in the butt. It doesn't even phase me...
"Drop your pants"
"Sharp point"
"Have a good day" 
[Brad told Conner they were expecting a little boy...]And I had hope for a better world with a little Shay, but a little Brad, man, I don't know.... hahahah no es cierto [it can't be true]. FELICIDADES!! [CONGRATULATIONS] I'm so stoked for you both. I think that's the funnest part of life. trying new things.  It's just that with parenting, you try it once and it's there for good hahaha. You'll be great papas [parents]. I've already decided I'm gonna speak pure Spanish to all the little ones so they obey me in a language you all don't understand hahahaha. Combinaciones secretas! [Secret Combinations] I'll be the best uncle there ever was. man. Thanks for the graphic images. Scarred for life....
Well.... This week I had 4 compañeros. Elder Anderson, Elder Lopez (Asistente), Elder Garcia, y Elder Madrid... haha. people were so confused. They thought Elder Anderson had already left but then another got there, and then I didn't go and then he didn't go, and man. we have no clue what's going on haha.
Divisiones with Elder Lopez were good. Taught me a few things and helped me with my teaching skills.  Man I don't know what it is with assistants but they loveeee putting their shoes in my hammock. I hate nothing more in this world. I think I'm gonna ban assistants from my hammock. We will see how that goes... Had to go to Veracruz to pick up my comp who worked in Veracruz for 2 hours the night before. 6 hours wasted for 2 hours of work. Makes a whole lot of sense to me haha... We almost got a couple married, but they couldn't get a dumb document from her little town, so they haven't gotten married. Real bummer because they marry people for free the 14 of Feb. Their testimony has gotten a lot stronger, and his job ends this week so they are gonna go to her little rancho to get married. I feel bad for them. Super poor. Gave a blessing to a man woman as well and we didn't feel good about it after... turns out the misioneras talked to him and he did a few deals with la santa muerte, or basically the devil. We have to go back tonight and rebuke whatever is inside of him because since he started talking to the misioneras, he's pretty close to dying. I'll let ya know how that goes.
Elder Garcia is really cool, he's Elder Boyds hijo [trainer]. Cool cat. He's gotta go home for medical problems. Got really bad disease from the humidity on his legs and other areas and it's really affecting his health. He's probably going home for a month this Friday and he will probably get changed to another mission after. The Lord has his way. Too bad though. He's a really good elder.
Elder Madrid y Rubio started butting heads so we did divisions Saturday to Sunday. Walked a ton through 3 pueblos. Pretty cool area. He's a cool kid. I've been in like 5 zones with him. He has 2 months left. Sunday we woke up and went back to San Andres.  Elder Merrill stayed the night, Elder Nelson has salmonelis again... poor guy. That really sucks. I don't think he's as bad as Elder Lehikain yet. And oh yeah, remember that crystal clear lake water from la laguna encantada? Yeah, Elder Madrid told me that the water in Cerro de las Iguanas comes from that lake. Drinking water because they are all poor. I had like 3 huge cups of koolaid water. Man I sure hope my stomach can handle that haha. Estomago de BURRRO [Stomach of a Donkey]!!!! hahaha

We found Julio. 25 years old, the first time we saw him he told us blatantly, I think the Book of Mormon is a lie. Now he has read it, loves it, and is gonna get baptized 2/3/14. We are hoping Jose y Blanca can get married too in her pueblo to get down in the waters of baptism that day too. We can only hope... faith and hope. The Zone is lacking a lot in those aspects. They don't have the urgency to find people. Man. We've gotta undergo some serious modifications. Only through prayer...
We brought Jairo and Carla to church. He's the biggest redneck I've ever seen in Mexico. I want to baptize them soooo bad haha. He always goes hunting iguanas or armadillos or somethin exotic in the jungle then comes back, works on his truck and drinks corona beers haha. I want this guy to get baptized. Redneck converts. He actually does have potential. We missed the sacrament because we had to go and help them realize why they had to come to church. Man I hate those Sundays. We got there just in time to see the door close and the prayer start. Man. I hate how that feels. It's the only important thing to do in the week anymore. Oh well.. another long week. As much as I hate how they close the doors and don't open them anymore I like it too. It teaches us about the 10 virgins. Are we really ready? Or will we be left out? Always something to think about...
Gotta go. Love you all. Otra vez, FELICIDADED [Again, Congratulations] BRAD Y SHAY!!!! I'm sooooo stoked for you two.
Elder Mortensen 

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