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August 30, 2012 (Week 2)

August 30, 2012 (Email)
Hey i found a way to log on to the email using a church website and not the program so i have as much time as i want, so no rush. Sounds like things are going well at home, youll have to send me some pictures of our new home. at least you guys aren't moving. But yeah the ankle is better, and things are going well now. Soccer is the funnest game to play here by far.
On a business note:
I have a few things to send home already, i'll have to get a package together later, but either dont throw away that recipt for the shirts you sent me or give this blue one to garrett cause its too small and i already have that color haha! anyways, if anyone has a good looking tie clip and wouldn't mind sending it on over i wouldn't mind haha wearing ties all day and watching the tail swing out every two seconds is not fun. Also, brad: Yo necisito (I need) un Real Jersey rojo por favor. I need to represent down in Mexico haha :) Use the money you get from my book to buy it! XL please! Also, i'm sending home my worthless space wasting running shoes with the shirt and other assorted items if you would be so kind to send those adidas. Soccer is literally the biggest deal up here haha i think thats it for that. Anything else sold? also, did you guys get my anthropology book on KSL? thanks. and garrett: grab my license and my REI card as well as the gold dollars that are in the little compartment in the truck and throw those in my room will ya? Pops: i'm going to need that memory pro duo pretty soon because they won't let me access my card or usb devices on these computers and i still have all of my jamboree and two trips to moab on here... Its filling up fast haha and also, yeah we went to an insticare with another elder and we got dropped off at the rite aid so he could fill up his perscription so i picked up a few "drinks" non-caffienated of course mother... :) I felt like a wimp riding with him, he has dislocated his shoulder 5 times from riding bulls and he got tripped playing futbol and might have torn his rotator cuff or his librum and still hasn't healed 2 weeks later.. i feel bad. Might get sent home for surgery, he has an MRI tomorrow. Send any minocycline i have cause this medicine is going fast. That note and food were from Grandpa R and Grandma right? no last names anywhere. Brigham city temple was cool yeah? provo one is really nice. We just did a session as a district and took a few pictures outside. Ill send em home. Anyways..

Me and another elder have hacky sacks, and you better believe we are getting good at it. The food is good, i have to start cutting back though i eat wayyy too much each meal.

spider bite went away by the way.. that was annoying! But no i didn't see a nurse, asking to see a doctor for my ankle was almost too much to do. You know how much i absolutely despise doctors offices.. Ankle is sore but i play with this brace and it doesn't hurt anymore.

On a MTC related note.. Its great here. already past two weeks and it feels like 2 days. We had a speaker from a high coordinating position speak on sunday to us and it was fantastic. He just told us missionaries straight up what we needed to hear. That was cool. Afterwords i was writing down 4 pages of quotes from his talk and the video of Uchtdorfs right after that. There were definately a lot of good words of advice in there. Started writing things to finish it up and i just kept writing in 3rd person for some reason for about a few lines. I won't type the whole thing but it went something along the lines of: don't you ever forget why you're out here Elder Mortensen. You know why you are out here and you have a purpose in doing so. There was a little more, but thats the jist of it. I like to think that was just my heavenly father giving me a few words of inspiration.. Its cool to see how much i've already changed in 2 weeks. The MTC has made me a better place, but i'm ready for Mexico already. The spanish is still going on strong and we are doing more grammar work now. I still don't think i'm using my time wisely for 9 weeks here.. Compared to how much you will learn with native speakers and a native companion, it seems like a waste to be here for 6 more weeks with a district that refuses to speak conversational spanish at all. Frustrated. Oh well. i see Jake about 4 times a week and i saw peyton two or three times before he took off to guatemala. I'm jealous. We have 4 elders leaving tuesday morning for peru MTC and then bolivia.
I envy them. haha but i'm here for a while so i might as well get used to it. Still not used to the fact that i want to cry everytime i walk outside and see Rock Canyon right to the east of me. So tantalizingly close to some sweet rockclimbing spots haha its not good. I dont know if i'll be in the MTC choir, do some research and see if the MTC choir performs every 6 months. people have specualtions that they wont do it this october since they did it in April. But i've been to the choir practices on tuesday nights and we sing for the devotional but i don't know how they would get a raffle going to see who goes considering they haven't said anything yet or taken down names. Let me know. Oh yeah. and i have too much food as it is, drinks would be better haha those are expensive here and i wouldn't mind a mountain dew or two.. or twelve. haha love ya mom :) Thanks for all the support everyone. Dad (you better believe ill record that.. haha)

In any case, tell everyone i love them and not to worry. The lord will always support his servents. 3 Nefi 21:9 or 10 i think... somewhere around there. Its great getting letters. It always makes my day go better when i open up the mailbox and i get a few! Well, time to wrap it up. If someone could get me a copy of if you could hie to kolob (brads arrangement) that would be great. I've been playing a in sacraments and things and me and my friend elder Smith tried out for a musical number with Nearer My God to Thee but they said: too simple. so we checked out Savior redeemer of my soul from the library but its a 6 page song copied front and back and thats not good for piano. If someone can find it (its the song off 17 miracles when everyone is freezing i think..) Copy it off and send it just on one side of a sheet. They won't touch copyrighted music to copy it onto more pages. kind of annoying. much appreciated. Me amo mi familia y pedi por bendiciones para su. La Iglesia de Jesucristo is verdadero y mas importante in nuestras vidas. Chow.

 Will you get these few lines to their intended recipients? I dont have a whole lot of time between everything.

To Grandma and Grandpa and Joleen: Thanks for the care package! you know i love getting licorice! I haven't had it in a long while and my roommates are jealous. I might have to share...

To Jody Lawrence: Thanks for the letter and box of cookies! I've already eaten like 4 of them and they keep reappearing! They are definately a delicacy compared to the mass produced desserts they hurry and whip up here haha so thank you for that!

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