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September 13, 2012 (Week 4)

September 13, 2012

Sounds like the house renovation has been quite the project haha! Can't say im too glad i missed out because its still better than sitting in a chair... Apparently mom thought my package was too light so i guess i'll make a bigger list :) haha i heard a cool song called baptism by paul cardall, if someone could send me the sheet music for that itd be appreciated too. They don't let us listen to music here or in the field. not even Motab... Interesting to me considering that brings the spirit and helps me focus during TALL (technology assisted language learning) its like the churches rosetta stone. I like it during the day, but during the night hours i get nothing out of it. Too hard to sit there and comprehend something completely new at 8:30 at night after 12 hours of previous studying. Me and Elder Smith talk to this Hermana in the temple laundromat every thursday morning after initiatories because the cafeteria doesn't open until 8 and service is good anyways considering we clean an abandoned building (11M the old mail room TRC/ book store in the middle of campus building) on tuesdays. It doesn't need it but they have no where else for us to serve. MTC capacity is about 2000-2100 and we are at about 2500-2600. Needless to say, we clean drinking fountains and toilets that haven't been used since they got cleaned monday.. Well actually we "check" and then walk back out. So anyways this little old mexican lady works in the laundromat and me and Elder Smith think its fun to "try" and talk in spanish to her. We absolutely suck at spanish haha she and 2 other ladies speak it as well and they had to slow down so much for us. gives us a good glimpse for mexico and we are at least trying. Our zone leaders decided to throw some more rules into play: No sarcasm and everytime a companionship leaves the room, the DL writes it down on a piece of paper. I swear they don't think about what they are saying. My life is based off of sarcasm and if they really need to keep that close of tabs on us they should hire a babysitter.

Elders Mortensen and Jake Slagowski
Theres a funny joke me and Jake say: Acutal mission rules / rules the general authorities follow < MTC rules. Me and jake have a little lunch date every week and sit apart from our districts and try and get some sanity back haha we both agree that what Jared says is true: Survive 9 weeks in the MTC and you'll be fine in the field! We both agree that you have to be able to still be yourself amidst all the schedules and rules. They even tell us what way we can walk around the guardhouse. Theres a correct way for that too. Talked to peyton and my friend Elder Naylor who are in the Guatemala CCM and the Peru CCM respectively and they both love it so much more than provo. They play soccer under the lights, the field is astro turf, and the food is much better! Oh well. there is a reason i'm still here. Maybe its so me and Jake can stay friends. I see him alot.
 During one of the lessons, I was talking really well like i usually do, I speak for most of the time, and my comp uses scriptures and throws in a few lines every time i freeze up ( i just look over at him and he takes it away) He is getting a lot better at spanish and i'm glad because its nice to rely on someone instead of just myself. I hit a celiing during one of our progressing investigator lessons. literally, i felt like a baloon trapped by a celiing. It was the most frustrating experience of my life and i wanted to cry and snap my pen in half i was so frustrated by the fact that my tounge just froze up in a split second. I could barely stutter out the spanish for can we close with a prayer. (Podemos terminar con una oracion?) I look back now and realize that it was just the lord wanting me to experience that feeling and keep pushing myself harder. I don't ever want to feel that again. Ive started to stay awake more during study times and have a new determination to progress. The lord definately works in mysterious ways i'll tell you that much.
 Cool story... my pen exploded in my shirt. I rock a pocket protector now, (i'll send one home to you garrett and riley) But anyways, i look down and my shirt has a blue dot about the size of a quarter full of fresh ink. I immediately unbutton my shirt and take it off. I remove all the things from my pocket and i touched the backside of the shirt and it was sopping with ink. So now for the interesting part. That ink had been soaking through on the inside of my white shirt for 10 minutes and with my planner and stuff in my pocket bouncing off my garments with every step, you woulda thought that my garments woulda been soaked with a nice blue spot of ink as well... Not so. not even a smudge. SO COOL. I love it. I have my own garment story now. would that ink come out with a lot of bleach?
 Anyways, tuesday was possibly the best day i've had here:
 -they got Gala apples in the cafeteria. No more granny apples or red awfuls (delicious apparently)
 -I had three donuts along with breakfast.
 -Every meal was actually good
 -I scored two goals and had an assist in soccer
 -The workshop was excellent
 -I had 2 donuts for lunch
 -Had a good fireside after about a guy in the 70 who was a general in the air force and was in the pentagon on 9/11. him and his wife touched on that for a minute so that was neat...
 -Oh.. and i stayed awake (and focused) the entire day. Thats a miracle in and of itself.
 Let me know where Sam gets his call to! and yeah i loved the pictures. Find some good ones from different places, a few from the mission, a few more of friends and stuff, and a few of me climbing if you will! Send those in a book that holds like four pictures per page. I'd love that. Its so good just to flip through some things from home whenever its been a long day. Oh yeah, and check out some of those sealer bags you put clothes in. They are for traveling. You put your clothes in these bags, seal them, and then suck the air out. An elder had them and it compressed his clothes and got rid of a lot of air and saved some space. Said they were like 15 bucks so it might be worth it. We have a bunch of books and stuff that i need more room for. My goal is to send home all of my books in english (keep em nice) and just be able to interpret my spanish preach my gospel. Its actually coming along faster than i ever thought possible. I can read most of predicad mi evangelio pretty easily now. Its just understanding the grammar and looking up frases and palabras. (phrases and words) Garrett and Riley, the tie has no story. You are totally free to wear it! In any case, better wrap this up. until next time..
 Con amor, Elder Mortensen

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