Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 11, 2012 (Week 8)

October 11, 2012 email

Hey there. I'll get a real email off! Love you all first off. Second off, thanks for all the support! I really love it and appreciate it. Garrett and riley, I love you both. Riley and Dad, a letter will be on its way hopefully today for you fellas! Garrett.. condsider my letter and pray about it hombre! I think it would be good for you. Also, for family home evening, watch the mormon messages talk by elder holland about staying in the lines. Its a really good 4 minute clip. Inspiring. Also, after that watch his full talk. Its from priesthood about 2 years ago. Garrett and Riley pay attention to that! The lord needs clean workers! and its way too often they come home for being stupid. In any  case, enjoy. HOLLAND KILLED IT. Everytime he speaks i swear... He kills it. Funny story...Elder Bednar came and spoke on tuesday!!! so sick! we got good seats 20 feet away! But he talked about how him and elder ballard gave the same talk and how they both were inspired by the lord. He was like its not a situation where we all sit down and president monson assigns topics.."Ok, Elder Eyering, you speak on uncovering the Lord and the pavillion we hide ourselves under. Elder Bednar and Ballard, you both speak on conversion. And Elder Holland... you just light it up. Everyone laughed. We all knew it was true though. That man has a way of cutting you to the very soul. Peter, do you love me? yea lord. Then Feed My Sheep. or in the words of a man i love very much, Hermano Clarke, Feed my Peeps! Do it for the Peeps! Great words of wisdom! Bednar got up and said:" So theres been a lot of talk on the missionary change. It cracks me up to hear your reasons. Thats apostolic humor! It cracks me up! The Lord will do his work, and he will hasten his work in his own time." He straight up put any rumors to rest. We all just sat there and looked around and said.. aight. Fair enough haha. No more speculating from the MTC crowd...

In response to mom's caution about the 5 donuts a day... I'm sorry. I broke it.

I had 15 at breakfast on tuesday. I earned some mad respect and even wowed myself...15 glazed donuts is ALOT. I gained 4 lbs... chill right? haha yeah... I was pretty beat up for a day or two. I felt exactly like i did after all those crepe eating contests, except for at the MTC you're already messed up because of the crappy food and stress and whatnot, so i've been regretting that eating contest a bit more than crepes. Lots more bread to eat too. Another elder from the new district, one of my favorites, tried to do 18 and only got to 12. That was still alot but it made me realize how many i ate.... haha

Not a whole lot has happened this week. I wish i could write more, but its been a review week and nothing too exciting except for hosting! Oh well. things will get shaken up a tad in about 3 days... gulp. jaja Garrett i'm glad you had fun on your dance date. Enjoy those, and keep talking to the women after. That was something me and Brad were never very good at... Haha funny stuff. Can't belive i've already been out for 2 months! its so loco! I'm stoked for mexico and i can't wait to hear from all of you guys this next monday! more info on that later. Pues... i'm still studying hard. well trying at least. Its hard to see being this close to the light at the end of the tunnel. That analogy is so so true though... Windowless box and no sun for 8 weeks and literally the flight out of here is entering the light at the end. I'm ready for it.

 Les Queiro mi familia! quidese.

Con amor, Elder Mortensen

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