Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 4, 2012 (Week 7) Afternoon emails

October 4, 2012 Afternoon emails

Just in case mom doesn't check her email, i got travel plans today so be expecting a call from the airport at 12:00-2:30 pm on monday the 15! We will arrive after a layover in texas at veracruz mexico at 9:35 at night so it'll be a long night to say the least! I can't say how grateful i am i'm not getting transferred to a new area or being held back. Everything worked out on time! i'll get some more details later!

Travel Plans changed!

LV Salt Lake City UT 8:20 AM
AR: Pheonix 9:14
LV: Pheonix 9:50
AR: Mexico City, Mexico 2:52 PM
LV: Mexico City, Mexico 5:45 PM
AR: Veracruz, Mexico 6:40 PM

Plan on getting a phone call in the Mexico Airport. We aren't going to have a clue whats going on and English will probably be comforting haha. It will be a 3 hour layover so we will be able to talk for a while. At least an hour! Or however long you guys have. It doesn't matter if we use it all at once. Branch president says we can call other people with extra minutes. You guys definately get as much time as we can talk :) Les quiero!

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