Sunday, October 21, 2012

September 27,. 2012 (Week 6) Afternoon email

September 27,. 2012 Afternoon email

Yeah the wall is close. We are losing our oldest district monday, and that means its just us with a bunch of other districts we quite didn't bond with. It'll be a long two weeks. Yeah the libro is going to be legit and will be given to my kids to read when they are deciding whether or not to serve a mission. Thats so cool gramps grew up with president packer. somethin to brag about :)

I'll shoot gramps a email. I think it would be good to send them one. Thanks for all the support i really appreciate it. More than i think you all know.

Oh, send the ensign from conferences. like maybe last october and april and then when the next one comes that too. Also, have you guys checked out those zero gravity air travel bags? Ill be needing those for sure. Too many books. Oh. So i found a russian dictionary just like your german one and ill send that home as well as a small german grammar phrases book we found in an abandoned condemned room that we clean. So study up cause ill need to learn german when i come home. Let me know on the travel suction air bags or whatever haha.

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