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September 27, 2012 (Week 6) Morning email

September 27, 2012 Morning email

I'm definately hitting a wall.. its hard to stay awake and focused in class since we just reveiw. It doesn't help that i'm a very hands on learner and i don't do well with just reading something on a board. I'm talking less in my lessons because we had a teacher tell me i was dominating too much, so now i've backed off a lot, but now i'm not learning much. My comp needs some time talking too, but i hate the fact that we still only get 20 minutes or less to teach a lesson. I need to speak spanish if i'm going to learn it. I'm starting my english fast today, and i hope it does wonders. I just really need to start speaking more. I've never been good with classrooms, like i needed to tell you guys that. Jaja! Travel plans come a week from today!!!!! leave in 17 or so days. CAN'T WAIT. no news on the visa. That's not comforting because so many people are getting held in the states for visa issues. I just want to go to Mexcio so i'm praying that it comes through.

I sent off a letter to Keyan and Kameron last week, Kameron sent a few lines in english, and Keyan dropped me some straight argentine spanish . I understood more than i thought though, which is somewhat comforting. I'm still talking to Elder Naylor every week which is cool. I miss that guy. I'll write again during wash time for sure. Might as well take advantage of the no time limit in the MTC before i get out and have to stick to the 30 minutes.

Its insane how much i'm growing everyday. I'm really starting to get to know who Christ was while i'm out here. Reading Jesus the Christ is challenging at 10:30 at night but its definately worth it. 780 someodd pages focused solely on Christ. Way cool. I love the temple every week. Just sitting in the Celestial Room is my favorite part of the week by far.

We did watch the third session of the temple dedication, that was really cool!! Does Grandpa Mortensen know President Packer?? That story sounds just like grandpa mortensens!! brigham city, graduated, war, married a girl from high shcool... etc. Haha But yeah i loved listening to his stories becuase i could just picture Grandpa telling them.. i miss the grandparents. That was always the highlight of the Thanksgiving trips was sitting in the living room with grandpa alone and just talking about life with him. Give them a shout out for me will ya?? I know they'd rather have me here than back in that living room again and i know that for a fact. But tell them i say hello and i miss them! The church is growing faster than ever imgained. There are so many people coming in that the church is involved with some legal disputes about tearing down the old 3 story 11M that you and brad used for mail and the store and building a 8 story one!!! The mail room is a new add on to the senior center 2M and they are wondering whether to tear that down as well because all the baby boomers are going to start serving missions. Crazy stuff. I can't wait to actually talk to Mexicans and bring them a message that will change their life. Its one thing to teach it to a fake investigator but when its real you know it.

Im ready for the field. I know the gospel and i know rudimentary spanish and the only reason i want out is because i want to help those people right now! Its killing me to spend so much time repeating sentences back and forth and other things for the time that we are. I think the problem with our mission is getting people to stay in the church. Thats my guess on the baptizing factory, but i think a lot of those people never really connected and need some missionaries to bump em back into the church. Cant wait. 2 more weeks of patience until i can hit the ground running. Oh well. Trust in the lord and the day will be here before i know it.

I picked me up a little unstained leather journal and scratched El Libro de Conner on it. It'll be the story of my mission. About 100 pages so about a chapter a week :) get stoked to hear this in 2 years! haha!

Pues.. adios mi familia! Les quiero!

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