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October 4, 2012 (Week 7) Morning email

October 4, 2012 Morning email

I love being on a mission and can't wait for the future. WE SIGNED OUR VISAS YESTERDAY!!!!! got to drive all the way down to the Mexican consulate in SLC to sign em. Wierd seeing SLC again... TRAVEL PLANS HOY YO ESPERO!!! i hope i get our travel plans today jaja oh my we have a week left. I talked to a few natives that were in the temple eating celestial breakfast and i was able to speak to them for a bit. i asked what jalapa was like and they said, like provo. very cold in winter and warm in summer. i then asked how Veracruz was: pretty, but hot. All of the time. And humid. He says as soon as it hits 70 people wear jackets cause its winter!! jajaja mom this is your kind of place!

In anycase, no the food is not good. Its ruining my insides. I don't know if 5 donuts a day helps at all, but Its the closest i get to a decent meal.. Kidding. I just really love donuts and i have a reputation as the donut addict here. Gotta keep that up :) I also have the reputation of hating everyone in the mornings. Literally. Everyone feels your pain mom. My companion has to punch the bottom of the bed and lift my mattress up a foot and drop it suddenly to wake me up. Inception at its finest! Elder merrill and Boyd came into our room on tuesday right after i crawled out of bed and snapped a picture with flash of my morning face.

 I almost kicked them then, but its a pretty funny picture and you'll probably enjoy it mom! I need real food and sunlight though! Mexico come faster.... We passed the prison on the way to the consulate and the only thing that was said was "hey. Their food is probably as good as ours and they get cable." Pretty funny. I also used the man. "I'd kill to go there" line and got a few laughs. Made me think of you dad. Speaking of which, i got a neat picture i'll send home you'll probably want to see. If theres ever 2 pictures to put on the board it would be this one and yours next to it.

Conner climbing the walls

Conner's Dad climbing the walls, (some 30 years ago)

I'll send it at laundry. If you could get that printed off that would be great. A few others i was thinking of as well. The one where pj and i are at corner canyon my last day. Sun is coming over the mountains. really cool picture. also the pictures of me climbing in moab with the crevice crack climb from a distance and also theres a really pretty landscape shot. I think its my picture on my FB profile. Theres also one of me in my red shirt climbing on a grey wall in big cottonwood. I've got my hat on and i'm reaching for a hold i think. Oh! and theres one where PJ is in the corner of the screen getting a drink from the cooler in daneils truck and he looks like a deformed zombie. Its a great one. and any other pretty landscape shots from moab or places you guys can think of. None others i can specifically think of. Sorry if i'm going too far with this but i don't get much adrenaline here and the pictures bring memories which do the trick in a way and make me not miss them as much.Its very much appreciated and i thank you for taking the time to do that! But thanks for the package and the pictures you did send!! I love em. Just brings me that much closer to home the further away i travel. They are also fun to show people. I appreciate the bags those will really help. I'll start putting together a package to send you of things home. Shouldn't have too much. Just a few things.

We hosted wednesday and one of the kids i hosted got dropped off by his friends. about 15 minutes into the delivery, i hear windchimes. We both stop and look around, and then he reaches into his suit coat and pulls out this way nice android. I thought: Oh shoot. i even asked him if he had a cell phone! So he hangs up and hands it to me. Idk what to do with it so then it rings and i say, answer it and tell em to meet us out front again. So we did, and waited for 20 mintues while his friend drove back and grabbed his cell phone. Everyone around us was like whoa... technology.. wierd.... jaja

In any case, I'll get travel plans today hopefully and send out a letter real soon about when i'll be able to call you guys. Might be pretty early in the morning.. So stay awake jaja. I am getting more and more excited to leave this place because i finally feel i'm ready. I feel that i will progress a little more, but it will be like the first day again when they totally immersed us and we had to try so hard to improve. I'm ready for the next challenge of mexico.

TRC was great this past week. I volunteered me and my comp for the first volunteer and it was our first 40 minute visit. We go in and talk to Hermana Rice. I said. Oh my mejor amigo se llama Mark Rice! she said.. Mark Rice is my hijo. (son). It blew my mind. I was so shocked we just sat there for a bit and smiled. I got his home address and am going to send off a letter today. Mark Rice is the mexican kid that stayed overnight the time i went longboarding with him. Rembember Mom? He is in my group farewell picture on the far left. Anyways, she said he doesn't know if he should go on a mission now or finish out a full year. I told her i'd wriite him a letter to put in his papers ahora!! (now) so i'll do that. she shared her conversion story and it had to do with her father rejecting the missionaries of what mission? Thats right. Veracruz. She was born there! rad right? So her father rejected them for 8 years until a flood happened and she as a baby got really really sick and was almost about to die. Her mother prayed for the missionaries for three days and kept seeing hallunciations of them, but they never showed up for real. Her mother then thought to go to church, where the bishop blessed her as a baby and she ended up living. Her entire familia of 9 was baptized shortly after. So rad. That was really cool to hear because it was a sweet story, but she was my friiends mom and i have a connection with that! That was really neat.

Cant wait to get to mexico and teach my own Hermana Rices. I can't wait. Mom, i love you and thanks so much for your letter. It deserves a hand written one back. Brad and Shay, i'm out of time, i'll write letters at laundry.

Garrett and Riley, Well, Riley, Thanks for the Cookies! I shared them and everybody about died... died because they were so good! haha they were good though so thanks :) i'm sorry you didn't make SBO! sounds like it was a pretty tough crowd! i'm proud of you for trying though! Keep it up and study hard. You too Garrett!
Tell Spanky i say what up for me! also austin anderson and kyle if you ever see them

Les quiero mi famila. Les quiero. Adios!

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