Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 14, 2013 (Week 61)

October 14, 2013

Wellllllll........................ BAUTISMOS!!! 4. Karina, Rosalia, Yamilet, y Ruben. Coooool. It was a lot of fun to get in the water. Everyone always laughs after I baptize. I don't want a re-baptism so I just shove 'em under. Poor kids and one 300 lb woman.  They didn't even know what happened when they get baptized by me! hahaha.

It felt real good. We baptized the Familia Huerta on Thursday. We were fasting that Ruben wouldn't drink, but he actually showed up Thursday drunk. He had gum to cover up his breath. Yeah...that fooled me... Freaking Ruben. I think he just gave up. He drinks every two or three days now. Maybe in a month or two.Or a year or 5. Sheesh. He's just gotta find the power to quit. Keeps saying his wife doesn't help... 

We are working with a few more people. The ward is starting to change. They have never seen 4 baptisms. Never ever. Just gotta do some things with a smile on your face and people start to trust you and like you more. Hopefully we can get a few more baptisms this change. We have 2 more weekends. Maria and her 3 kids came. She is straight GOLD. She actually understands what she reads, has a strong testimony, and they are looking forward to their baptism in 2 weeks.We are just hoping her husband doesn't come back. Could complicate things. he is militar and only comes randomly, but when he comes it's time to work on the house and crap. But she finally gets the importance of church, which I hope will help her to make the decision to come every week. She is already teaching us. I'm so stoked. We are getting blessed now. I love it.

freak... Well, this week sure went a lot better. Oh yeah, I don't know if I ever told you.. but I wrote Abi a letter, the daughter of Jose Luis y Laura. She was being dumb when I left, so the night before transfers I wrote her a 4 page front and back letter. Scriptures and everything. It was like a 4 hour lesson on paper... took me 3.5 hours to write it... haha. But yeah, I gave it to her when I left. Turns out she got baptized. She wanted me to go and baptize her but it would have taken too long, but still pretty cool. Carcamo said the letter basically convinced her. I'm gonna write more letters hahah.... freak. I just remember being super focused and inspired to write the things I wrote and the scriptures to put in it. I'm glad the Lord finally put it in her heart to just stop playing around with us and the adventistas and just do what she knew. Pretty cool. I can't wait to see them all in the temple in Julio. Still missing one child. He will be a little harder to convince. His girlfriends parents are basically super high up in the Catholic church... cool. haha

Well.. I've never been more tired or ready for a nap, but it's time to work. The mission sure is hard, more mentally than anything. Sometimes it's just straight draining. But its crazy to feel angels around you. Seriously bearing you up as you testify and I feel more full of the espiritu. Sheesh. I'm straight blessed. I'm not even worthy of these blessings. (not sayin' i won't take 'em haha) Enjoy your time at home Garrett and Riley. Your turn is coming up. Stay prepared, worthy and stoked to serve. You won't be disappointed. I love you all, you are all in my prayers. Friends, if you read this, you might think I'm crazy, but I hope you can feel a little bit of what I feel when I am out here. The Gospel's true. It's the only chance for real happiness. It's not anywhere else.

ldr Mrtnsn

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