Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 7, 2013 (Week 60)

Well, its been pretty interesting. A well loved member of the ward died. Heart attack, Sunday in the afternoon. Had to cancel the baptism. Man, I am getting so tired of this. It's been like 9 weeks of not baptizing. Satan is just doing EVERYTHING to stop me. I swear I just bring a curse. I don't know what its all about but the whole familia is going under this Saturday. Freak. I reallllly hope so. We should have Karina too. She wants to get baptized fast! I think that's pretty chill. Oh yeah, mama, that white shirt that you sent me...just took it out of the package, it could fit two of me in there hahaha. XL means FAT GUY. I know I'm fat, but really! Come on! haha I'll take it to a member and have them cut out and sew about 12 inches off each side ;) hahaha the collar is good :)

So General Conference, I saw Paul Nauta. Talk about WEIRD.I was like what in the gale?? I know him... Closest to home I've been haha!

And... Richard G. Scott STILL puts me to sleep. Even in Spanish haha. He translated and spoke in Spanish! and if you thought English was bad... hahaha. I just like READING his talks.

We had some good lessons with the neighbor of Ruben. Maria and her 3 kids, Alejandro, Guadelupe, y Iyam. Her husband has a sketchy job in D.F. (Mexico City) but.... she was like "Sooo.... when can we get baptized? I've got my answer, I've got permission from my husband, and... I finally found what I was looking for since my kids were born." SAWEEET. But... thanks, satan. She went to the Catholic church, pressure from her father in law. why don't you stay
awa,y satan? nobody likes you.. gonna go see her tonight!

We rode some bikes for about 5 minutes this week. They were small, but it was a lot of fun hahaha. Well, that's the world report for right now. I hope this week goes better for everyone! What about a group fast? That;d be cool. I say... Tuesday to Wednesday. We all need some help. It would be good to do a special one too. And then again on Sunday. I don't know what it is about the mission but we just fast a lot, even if we aren't fasting. Too lazy to make food in the night, and no food in the morning hahaha. I hope everything is better. Sometimes we just don't get what we want. It's flat out así [how it is?] sometimes. God just looked and said the Mortensen's need a few challenges! Lets see what happens!

Que Dios les cuide [May God take care of us]

Elder Mortensen.

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